Adam Lambert Shines With Friends N’ Family

Adam Lambert Photo:  GettyImages.com

No Grammy nominations? No problem for Adam Lambert. The star attended the "Friends N' Family" pre-Grammy party Friday night shining.

His suit was def looking "Glam" as he posed for pictures and talked with cameras before heading into the event held at Paramount Studios.

Adam Lambert  Photo: GettyImages.com

We are disappointed that Adam didn't receive any Grammy nods. We think the "Trespassing" album is quite cool and as much as we would LOVE new material by Lambert, "Trespassing" deserves a better fate. A far better fate.-DocFB

Diagnosis: He's not done..and not cuckoo....right Glamberts?


Video: Adam Lambert Performs “Better Than I Know Myself” On Leno

In what will sure be a promotional tour to remember, Adam Lambert kicked it off performing "Better Than I Know Myself" on The Tonight Show last night.

"Better Than I Know Myself" can be described as a power ballad that Adam interjects his octave range into from time to time. Sometimes, "The Tonight Show's" sound people mix a little too well for my liking.  Some will say that Adam was lip syncing, while to me he clearly was not, but they mix his vocals to be the same level as everything else.  They even tried to take the crowd out of the mix but you can pick them up big time.  Those Glamberts travel well.

A big note to the Tonight Show; can you please make musical performances available separate from the whole episode?  Jimmy Fallon, Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel can do it, so why can't you?  It is rather annoying.  All the links shut down on youtube because you cannot provide the footage from your other show.

On that note, make sure to click the last bar to watch Adam Lambert's performance of "Better Than I Know Myself" on the Tonight Show while we wait for Adam to rock Ellen where we know the Glamberts will be loud and be allowed to be free.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Not a fan of ballads as first singles but Adam gets a pass this time...


Adam Lambert Performs New Song “Outlaws Of Love”


The Glamberts are gonna be upset with me.  Adam Lambert dropped a new song called "Outlaws Of Love" in Ste Agath, QC this weekend.  It is a ballad and it shows off his vocals.

We may be late to the party but here is some footage a Glambert took from the front row.  We are digging the song and cannot wait to hear more.

What do you guys think of the new song "Outlaws of Love" by Adam Lambert?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Wanted....Dead Or Alive


Adam Lambert Shows Up At Nikka Costa Show In NY (Photos!)

Adam Lambert @ Nikka Costa Show July 2011 Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo
Adam Lambert @ Nikka Costa Show July 2011 Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo

Adam Lambert @ Nikka Costa Show July 2011 Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo

Ok, Lambert's, as we told you on Twitter, we had the best Adam Lambert shots we could get as he attended Nikka Costa's gig in New York Thursday night.  I said best we could get for a reason.  Anyone else, we would not even post these shots!

Adam attended Nikka Costa's gig in New York and was having a great time in the VIP area.  One of Funkenbabies was in attendance and got us these shots.  Adam did notice him.

For more shots of Adam & Nikka talking about Adam; READ MORE