Gary Clark Jr. Wins Grammy, Set For Letterman, Tour With Kings Of Leon

Gary Clark Jr.  Photo: Latisha Alsys For Drfunkenberry.com

Gary Clark Jr. walked away with a Grammy on Sunday for "Best Traditional R&B Performance" for "Please Come Home" and is set to perform on David Letterman and also tour with Kings Of Leon.

Gary also showed off his guitar skills at the Grammy's performing with Keith Urban.

Clark Jr. will be performing on Late Night With David Letterman February 17th. He will open for Kings Of Leon in Feb. and into March.

For tour dates, click here....


PRINCE Makes Grammy Impact; New Video; Confirmed For Denmark Show!

Prince Photo: MSN.Com

PRINCE only appeared on the Grammys to present, like we told you, and an appearance was all that was needed for a standing ovation by the crowd.

There are celebrities...and then there is PRINCE, the icon that even stars get star-struck by. Gotye and Kimbra seemed more happy to talk to PRINCE than to get the award.

PRINCE made his way to the Billboard After Party where he stayed for a short time.

Also, PRINCE released "ScrewDriver Live" on PRINCE2013.com & 3rdEyeGirl.com for $1.77. You cannot view it or preview it for free, it must be purchased. It is a black and white video with PRINCE, Donna Grantis, Ida Nielsen, & Hannah Ford.

PRINCE also is scheduled to play Denmark on August 7th, as part of a festival.  With the event being overseas and knowing in the past of overzealous promoters,  we waited til we could confirm with the camp and we have. We rather have the info accurate instead of being first in this case. You can find more info on the event HERE.

I think it is safe to say you will see more dates of PRINCE overseas this summer and when we have that info, we will pass it on.

Don't fret people in the U.S.  Prince is still slated to appear at the Carnegie Hall Tribute March 7th,  and will receive the Icon award and perform  at the Billboard Awards in May.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  2013 will be full of surprises.....


Taylor Swift Named Billboard’s Woman Of The Year

Taylor Swift File Photo
Taylor Swift File Photo

Taylor Swift File Photo

Taylor Swift Is Billboard Magazine's Woman Of The Year.

Taylor is the youngest winner of the award ever at 21 years old.  Others who have won this award by the magazine were Beyonce, Reba McEntire, and Fergie.

Taylor will be honored with the award at the Billboard Women In Music Event in New York on December 2nd.

It has been some year for Taylor as her latest CD "Speak Now"has sold over 3.6 million copies,  the most for any artist this year. along with a sold out tour.  Last year, she won best album at the Grammys for her "Fearless" CD.

Congrats to Taylor on all her success.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Kanye, Care To Add Anything?


Prince Gets Grammy Nod For “Dreamer”

Prince performs "Dreamer" for the Target Lotusflow3r commercial, 2009
Prince performs "Dreamer" for the Target Lotusflow3r commercial, 2009

Prince performs "Dreamer" for the Target Lotusflow3r commercial, 2009

I know I twittered about it last night but we are happy our favorite artist, Prince, was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance category last night for his song "Dreamer" from his latest CD Lotusflow3r.

We figured Prince would get a nod somewhere in the R n B field and aside from a performance from Maxwell, NO R & B noms were announced on the show.  We are happy for Prince and hope he brings home another Grammy on January 31st, 2010.

Good luck to you Prince.-Dr.FB


Prince Will Be Performing 2 Shows At The Montreux Jazz Festival

Prince wireimage.com
Prince wireimage.com

Prince Performing Earlier This Year. Photo: WireImage.com

The Montreux Jazz Festival is going to be a little bit more funky this year as a musical genius is planning on taking the stage not once, but twice.

The one and only Prince WILL be performing 2 shows at Montreux this year and he is  bringing a musically talented band with him. Playing with Prince at the legendary festival will be Rhonda Smith, Renato Neto, and John Blackwell.

In his 31 years in music, Prince has won every award imaginable from a Grammy to an Oscar to one of the youngest inductees ever into the Rock & Roll  Hall Of Fame. He performed at the 2007 Super Bowl in the rain no less and still gave off the performance of a lifetime.

In 2007, Prince gave a legendary performance at The Montreux Jazz Festival where tickets sold out in record time. So when ticket information and tickets become available this time, make sure to reserve your spot if you plan to attend.-Dr.FB


Grammy Board Confirms Dr.Funkenberry News Report

The Rodney Dangerfield Grammy Goes to Dr.Funkenberry  File Photo
The Rodney Dangerfield Grammy Goes to Dr.Funkenberry  File Photo

The Rodney Dangerfield Grammy Goes to Dr.Funkenberry File Photo

The Grammies confirmed what Dr.Funkenberry.com readers already knew before anyone; Kanye West, T.I., and Sir Paul McCartney are performing at the Grammies. It was posted here first.

With a cherry on top, we also confirmed here that Jay Z and Justin Timberlake would be performing as well, which the Grammies a day later confirmed. 

A big shout out to Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, NME.com, and the fan boards for supporting ignoring the story.  Guess we need to get into another argument with Courtney Love for news. ;-)

I don't think so and also hope the site will not be ignored too much longer.  I remember something and I am passing it on to you; the longer the struggle, the sweeter the success.-Dr.FB