ONENPG.ORG???? Stand Up? Organize?


OK, PRINCE fans. I just noticed that a ONENPG on Twitter was following me, and no one else. I then went to the web site behind the Twitter account, which is and it made me really curious.

1st, the tweets, so far, are 3 and I embedded 2 of them below:

Then, I went to and….I didn’t know what to think.

Str3ngth In Numb3rs

One NPG Is A Global PRINCE Fan Collective United In A Single Mission: To Open The Vault.

One Voice

Show Your Support By Adding Your Email: Together We Are One


It also states: PRINCE Is Likely The Most Prolific Artists, Having Created Hundreds Of Projects Over The Past 35 Years That Have Never Been Released. The Vault Is His Storied Depository For These Works.

This was something discussed in our very first Spreecast about a site run by the fans. Hmm. It can’t hurt, so I added my email address and followed them back on Twitter.

What do U guys think?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Do U Wanna B In The New Breed?

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  1. Barbara

    Love a mystery!!! Hmmmm, DJ Adam12 seems to be some kind of clairvoyant if my sleuthing skills are working …

  2. Richard Littler

    Can he use ‘NPG’ still? I thought that was why he old site closed? Mystery.

  3. teiemka

    If Prince wants to release Vault tracks my voice is unimportant.
    A reminder for those that ain’t old skool, his words not mine.

    “Whatever U heard about me is true
    I change the rules and do what I wanna do
    I’m in love with God, he’s the only way
    ‘Cuz U and I know we gotta die some day
    If U think I’m crazy, you’re probably right
    But I’m gonna have fun every motherfuckin’ night
    If U like 2 fight, you’re a double-drag fool
    I’m goin’ 2 another life, how ’bout U?”

    When tracks are released in lossless format I will buy them, just like in the last week.

    As a general recommendation to all, you should never openly volunteer your personal details unless absolutely necessary, this case is very unnecessary.

    …not a killjoy just a realist.

  4. Purpleluvr27

    Finding out it is fan made pretty much got to me. Besides the wording in the email that @SERPAN99 posted on Twitter… Just doesn’t rub me the right way.

  5. Aprilflower

    There is a problem with this websites security certificate indicating it belongs to a different web address possibly in an attempt to deceive you. Use caution!!!

  6. Notconvinced

    I think it’s a fake site created by a fan, as it says it’s a :Mission to open the vault”. Seems more like a petition.

  7. V2P

    PORN ON EGG????
    HMMM, COOL !!!!

  8. I don’t know Doc, we have seen his new web site already change it’s name, 3rd eye girl seems to be working really well, why would he start another site? It’s a bit all over the place if that is the case. He didn’t really ever do twitter did he? I think we all know its not actually him behind the 3rd eye girl tweets, but his band memners right? It sounds a bit strange.

    I love this man and his music and what he has to offer, but yes, trust is something we afford him right? You’re connected, can’t you ask his people and let us know. You know we will trust you, and follow if it’s legit!

  9. Paradise

    I say bring it on, let’s go I ‘m ready. Thank u Doc & who ever is running let’s do this.

  10. Anonymous

    I signed up,Prince said 2013 was going 2 B a big year so hopefully we’ll B welcomed 2 the dawn

  11. André

    Could be interesting… 🙂
    Looks cool with a nice clean layout. Like the vault image.

    Would be interesting to know who’s behind it and what the gameplan is….

    20Pr1nc3 clearly looks more interesting every day… and Prince seems to be in better form than ever, always evolving as a musician and bandleader bringing us new, fresh and interesting sounds, songs and arrangements and still full of surprises.

    If we would somehow get as much as a glimpse into the Vault that would make this the best Prince year ever.

  12. kcool's Chocolate Box

    Hasn’t Prince already started opening up the Vault? It started with Andy last year.

  13. Cornelia Puppetstein

    Entering your email is not entering your personal info… In case of doubt just create a new email account before entering it ;p

  14. Alan B

    I’m in – I have signed up and followed on Twitter. Perhaps The Dawn IS finally coming!
    I think this could be great and am more excited than in a good while. This is a positive end to a rubbish day for me. •;-)

  15. NPS

    The problem with this is that trust is key. And key to trust is TRANSPARENCY. If people want to be taken seriously, if they want folks to enter their personal information (even if it is just an email), then they should have the courtesy to identify who they are.

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