ONENPG.ORG???? Stand Up? Organize?


OK, PRINCE fans. I just noticed that a ONENPG on Twitter was following me, and no one else. I then went to the web site behind the Twitter account, which is ONENPG.org and it made me really curious.

1st, the tweets, so far, are 3 and I embedded 2 of them below:

Then, I went to ONENPG.org and....I didn't know what to think.

Str3ngth In Numb3rs

One NPG Is A Global PRINCE Fan Collective United In A Single Mission: To Open The Vault.

One Voice

Show Your Support By Adding Your Email: Together We Are One


It also states: PRINCE Is Likely The Most Prolific Artists, Having Created Hundreds Of Projects Over The Past 35 Years That Have Never Been Released. The Vault Is His Storied Depository For These Works.

This was something discussed in our very first Spreecast about a site run by the fans. Hmm. It can't hurt, so I added my email address and followed them back on Twitter.


What do U guys think?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Do U Wanna B In The New Breed?

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