Adele Goes To Bat & Defends Chris Brown

Adele & Chris Brown Photo:

At the Grammys last week, Chris Brown did not stand up when Frank Ocean beat him for an award at the show. It was then reported the photo above was showing Adele dressing down Chris Brown for not standing when he lost. Sometimes, a photo can be misleading.

So Adele took to Twitter to clear the whole thing up.

Chris Brown seemed relieved and happy that someone was finally sticking up for the troubled singer, responding to her tweet in kind.

So sometimes. a photo is just a photo. Sometimes we read too much into things and make assumptions we just don’t know.-DocFB

Diagnosis: A picture speaks a thousand words, not all of them accurate….




  1. Not the biggest C.B. fan but I saw the awards and when Frank won, C.B. did applaud, shouldn’t that be enough? I know alot of Prince fans come to this site, how many remember in 88 when U2 beat out Sign of the times for album of the year. Prince didn’t even applaud for them so… Glad Frank won tho “Channel Orange” was a good album.

  2. Alex

    I say this with utmost respect toward Doc and realize that this “dose of news” is his livelihood. However while a photo may be just a photo… an ass is still an ass and to acknowledge as ass in any matter only serves to justify their actions. Just saying… Peace!

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