Exclusive! PRINCE Confirmed For Stockholm Music & Arts Festival 2013!

PRINCE Promo Photo NPG Records 2013

We just got word that PRINCE is confirmed to play the Stockholm Music & Arts Festival 2013 on August 4th!

We are very happy for PRINCE’s fans in Sweden.

This continues PRINCE’s big 2013 year with tour dates confirmed for Smuk Fest, Montreux Jazz Festival and now Stockholm.

PRINCE will have a tribute at Carnegie Hall in New York March 7th where he is scheduled to attend. There is word he will be doing Jimmy Fallon while there as well.

PRINCE is also set to receive the Billboard Icon Award and perform at the Billboard Awards on May 19th!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Stockholm, are U ready?

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  2. rezato

    I checked the website and three day passes and Weekend passes are already SOLD OUT. Damn 🙁

  3. Emma

    YES WE ARE!!! I’ve never been this ready. You might not know it now, baby what I are I’m a star!

  4. M21nights

    Just amazing how there are purple surprises every week, almost daily already! Loving it! 😀 Confirmed concert dates for summer – 5 to 6 months in advance – would have never expected that, having gotten used to last minute announcements in the last few years! Thanks to Prince for that, it makes it so much easier to plan ahead!! And thanks Doc for bringing the great news!

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  6. Fredrik

    Are you kidding me? That´s the best news ever: Sure I´m gonna be there! Prince, he’s my thang!

  7. I find life and adventure to be hilarious! Check it: I LIVED in Sweden a while back, just a couple of months ago. NOW That I am back in the USA, PRINCE confirms to go back to Stockholm; which is where I went not too long ago to see Michael Jackson’s Immortal World Tour! Talk about hilarious! Haha. He was there in August for the ‘Way out West’ festival, where my ex experienced Prince, live. She bragged about how that was BOMB; now she must be seeing him again, I am sure. If she’s still there? I don’t know? BUT…

    THIS must mean, he is preparing for a short run in America, it better mean that! I don’t want to have to spend a lot money to go back to Sweden..I don’t think I’ll ever, because of the circumstances, but

    Awesome news for the Swedes! It’s going to be awesome! smile

  8. anna

    Just screamed out loud! hahaha. I was waiting for more dates and then this – YES. And so early on, I’m more than pleased. 2013 is gonna be big (and great) indeed. Thank you for letting us know.

  9. Big things this year! Wow, the news just keeps on coming! Well yes, good for those fans in Sweeden, but that doesn’t help me! He could just make me his wife and I could be in every audience for his concerts! Just saying! Great Spreecast last night by the way, went smooth for the most part, kinks are being worked out, that’s good to see. Have a great weekend Dr. Funkenberry!

  10. Purpleluvr27

    Happy for the fans there, I know they’re excited! I’m still jealous though 🙂

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