PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl A VERY Short Film: Plectrum Electrum! Watch Now!

Plectrum Electrum v.2

This video was just released via 3rdEyeGirl on Twitter. The VERY SHORT FILM is by Madison Dube and features PRINCE & 3rd Eye Girl which consists of Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford, and Ida Nielsen...

The Plectrum Electrum Instrumental is by DONNA GRANTIS!


Are U?-DocFB

Diagnosis: SXSW, Can U hang?

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Comments (47)
  1. D’oh! Had so many goose bumps I 4got the ‘e’ in ‘goosebumps’! 😀

  2. Now *that* gave me goos bumps – now we talkin’!

  3. I think that his guitar playing speaks fro itself. Amazing.

  4. Man, that cooks!!

  5. HOT!! Greatest Guitar Player EVER!!! He looks so darn sharp and CUTE!!! Prince, please come back to Detroit, it’s been way too Long!! Thanks for posting!!

  6. Love it!

  7. im so ready this was amazing

  8. That was LIVE right there! Prince done did it again y’all! Damn damn damn!!!!

  9. Noice reallllllll Noice!

  10. Jam on Prince & his 3-Lovelies!
    Get that Groove Thang on!
    Just keep showing us the LUV by ROCKIN’ IT OUT!
    Soooo very Happy !
    Keep sharing your LUV WITH THE WORLD PRINCE & NPG~ WE <3 U !
    Hugz, Luv & Peace, LL~Anita

  11. Now that’s nice.Nice sound between both guitars.

  12. director needs to use a cine lens on his 5D for smoother iris adjustments….love the groove though

  13. What a rush!!! Hurray back to ChiTown P!!!!

  14. Just when you’re done with the whole circus… he does this!!!

    This is awesome Prince, please record an album like this.
    Great organic sound, true musicianship. Raw and rocking.
    Inspired and confident!


  15. OH MY GOD!! See that’s why I Love Prince! What was that? In first 2 mins, I was totally justified as why I would pay for his Rock N Roll

  16. I lika that ! Very Led Zep’s the ocean !

  17. Wow, downloadable too! Love it!

  18. Nice! Hey where is Donna?

    Prince, can I pretty please have one of those shirts? Maybe with a v neck or a tank top? Come on Prince, I’m asking very nicely? Ill bat my long eyelashes and smile? 🙂

  19. what Ivo said……..Lovin’ it

  20. You do see Donna briefly and in the background!?

  21. OH YEAH!!! Princey-poo!!!Love U!!! oxoxox Thanks for sharing Prince and thanks again to docfb 4 spreading the love!!!

  22. What can I say !!!!!! Play on play on !!!

  23. so god damned cool!

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