Exclusive! 3rd Eye Girl Announce West Coast Tour With PRINCE!

PRINCE Live Out Loud Official Tour Poster

On the PRINCE Spreecast tonight with DrFunkenberry & Seth Everett, 3rd Eye Girl stopped by to drop some news about their upcoming tour with PRINCE and more!

Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford Welton, & Ida Nielsen, 3rd Eye Girl announced dates for the West Coast Tour With PRINCE.

You can watch the playback of the show HERE

The dates are:

April 15 & 16: The Vogue. Vancouver, BC

April 18 & 19: Showbox. Seattle, WA

April 23 & 24: DNA Lounge. San Francisco, CA

April 26 & 27: The Joint. Las Vegas, NV

April 30 & May 1: Marquee Theatre. Tempe, AZ

May 3 & 4: Hard Rock Hotel. San Diego, CA

May 7 & 8: The Grove. Anaheim, CA

They will be performing 2 SHOWS A NIGHT

More dates could be added…stay tuned!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Thank U Donna, Hannah, & Ida for sharing the news with us! 3rd Eye Girl

Expect ticket info in the next week or so….

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  3. Sophie

    Oh wow I wish I still live in Vancouver, I’m in Toronto now. Hopefully, he’ll do an East coast tour and stop by Toronto.

  4. Anonymous

    So prince is a guest on the girl’s show now?
    I guess for the smaller venues it’s goona go down like
    that, while the bigger shows will be prince plus the NPG
    full band?

  5. a b

    Go on then Prince, rock from West to East, US first, then Europe, Asia and never close the loop.

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  7. Samantha

    OMG Doc, thanks so much for all you do! I am SOOOOOOO freaking excited, Prince is coming back to Vancouver!

  8. Dara

    Thanks Doc .. fun interview despite the technical diff. Need prices and ticket info so we can start planning our budget! 🙂

  9. Aprilflower

    OH YEAH THIS IS WAY COOL!!! HUGS AND KISSES 2 PRINCE <3 <3 <3 Thank you Doc 4 posting!!!

  10. thanks for the news it was great interacting with the girls on the show tonight I hope they come to Atlanta so I can see my very first Prince concert

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