New PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl Song “FIXURLIFEUP” Set To World Premiere Today In Canada!

FIXURLIFEUP  Image By LV Photos By Madison Dube

It was announced late last night early this morning that Jian Ghomeshi will be premiering a new PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl track entitled "FIXURLIFEUP" on his show today.

U can listen to the show HERE and the show is on now!

UPDATE: They just played the rocking number!  Not sure if Jian will play it later on the show.  Jian called it some of his more "masculine" material, and Jason Priestley from 90210 stated "it was really funky towards the end."

We are told the track will be on I-Tunes soon!

Hopefully, it will be for sale later on 3rdEyeGirl.com

When we have more info, will update.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Vancouver, and the West Coast, r U ready?

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  1. Good-Bye Hannah!!!!!!!! “Where’s the real drummer”?

  2. What can I say about Prince and 3rd Eye Girl that has NOT already been said this is PURE PURPLE ROCK! that is coming from the 1 and ONLY PRINCE!. And I just LOVE the song. So I am hoping VANCOUVER and the WEST COAST R ready 4 tha HOT FONKY PURE PURPLE ROCK that is getting ready 2 come there way.

  3. Always loved Prince’s music whether minimal or elaborate. But I’ve often had problems mashing up the lyrics to the music. But after thinking about the lyrics I can see how they fit here as well. He’s just stating that he ain’t about that life. He probably putting it out there, addressing what he’s seen and heard about some people (or employees) who were into some questionable things. Being around women and “family oriented” women at that, would make things less “rock n roll” on the road–especially if you want to just play music and not worry about being arrested, sitting in the back of a squad car or standing with your hands on the hood. The rest is probably his commentary on urban decay. GREAT LYRICS then.

  4. It hit me instantly! LOVE it. Cant wait 4 the cd. I hope Fixurlifeup will be longer on the cd. The way it ends leaves me wanting more. I guess that’s the idea tho, huh?

  5. Like it indeed, rock on Prince

  6. 3rdeyegirl is the type of music my friends and I have been wanting to hear from PRINCE! Hopefully he will keep the rock vibe going for a while.

  7. LOVE it. Love this band and this sound. Made my day. THANKS Dr. F and P+girls!!!

  8. Sounds Great Prince!!! I look forward to seeing you and 3rdeyegirl soon!!!

  9. I LOVE it! I love that with this band, he is a bit more hard rock! I think that is what he needs Donna for! Love her, and love that she is Canadian like me! Prince, hurry up and please put it on i tunes, hurry up please and put out a new album! Prince, hurry up and please come to Winnipeg or somewhere that I can come and experience LIVE, 3rd Eye Girl and YOU!

    I also love anything that I can hear Prince’s speaking voice in, because it is the hotest voice out there!

    So glad that this helped to brighten up a rather dreary day here in Winnipeg, where spring and sunshine are in hiding! Thanks Dr. Funkenberry, Prince and 3rd eye girl!

    Have a great weekend Doc!

  10. 4 Letters 1 Word……C O O L

  11. Opps left off my name on the 3rd Eye Girl.com chant, lol. That’s how excited I am! 😀

  12. Doc, Prince

    We are ready to buy it!!! 3rd Eye Girl.com, 3rd Eye Girl.com, 3rd Eye Girl.com!! I ready!!

  13. Another 3rdEyeGirl ‘MasterPiece”……#7V3N

  14. I’ve been a pessimist about Prince’s music in the last 10+ years, because frankly it’s lackluster compared to anything pre-1997. However, I like that he’s digging into his rock edge more. Even with Lotusflow3r, it was too “produced”. This is 4 band members, 3 chords, and the truth. “FIXURLIFEUP” is a great dip back into what Prince does best – PLAY.

  15. thank u 😉

  16. It was HOT!! Lovin this new direction!!!

  17. Hot! Can we buy it????

  18. straight up rock, then he returns to funk it up. it’s cool

  19. Thx Doc,

    I likie like!!

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