Jamie Lewis Continues Collaboration With PRINCE And 3rdEyeGirl!

PRINCE & The 3rd Eye Girl Photo: 3rdEyeGirl 2013

Producer Jamie Lewis just sent out a newsletter announcing that he and his partner have mixed a new amazing project for 3rdEyeGirl Featuring Prince! Wonder if he meant they mixed "FIXURLIFEUP" or something else?

Jamie Lewis has remixed and released on his own Purple Music label the singles and remixes of "Dance 4 Me", "2nite" (Bria Valente), "Rock & Roll Love Affair" and also put out "Screwdriver" earlier this year.

The announcement states Jamie and his studio partner Ben Muehlethaler are very proud to have gotten the honor to mixdown at the legendary Paisley Park Studios.

We are trying to contact Jamie to see if they are saying they mixed 3rdEyeGirl's latest single "FIXURLIFEUP", for remixes, or for the album tentatively titled "Plectrum Electrum" or for something else. The announcement says to click on it for it on iTunes and it takes you to the single for "FIXURLIFEUP". When we have more info, we will pass it on. It landed on our desk and thought we would pass it on.

Update: Jamie advised that he was at Paisley Park to mix "FIXURLIFEUP" and he was happy and honored to work at Paisley.

For the official news announcement, and for the diagnosis, click here....


Video Premiere: “FIXURLIFEUP” By 3rdEyeGirl Featuring PRINCE! Watch Now!

FIXURLIFEUP iTunes Cover 3rdEyegirl PRINCE Artwork By LV

"FIXURLIFEUP" by 3rdEyeGirl featuring PRINCE has just been premiered on Vevo! You can watch the video below!

The video is directed by Sanaa Hamri and the live crowd portion was filmed in San Diego during the Live Out Loud tour.

Video provided by Kobalt Music Group Copyright NPG Records

The version above is YouTube and is ALL REGIONS! Thank U PRINCE & Kobalt Music for listening!

You can purchase the song on I-Tunes HERE.


Diagnosis: Don't Worry Bout What The Crowd Does....


Prince & 3rdEyeGirl’s Billboard Award Performance! Watch Now!!!

3rdEyeGirl Billboard Awards. Photo: Billboard.com

Prince performed live with 3rdEyeGirl at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday!

To view the performance, click on the continue reading button!!


“FIXURLIFEUP” By 3rdEyeGirl Featuring PRINCE Now Available On iTunes!

FIXURLIFEUP iTunes Cover 3rdEyegirl PRINCE Artwork By LV

"FIXURLIFEUP" by 3rdEyeGirl featuring PRINCE is now available on iTunes! That took some time but it is finally there to purchase.

U can show your support and purchase the single HERE

Don't forget, 3rdEyeGirl and PRINCE will be rocking the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday in Las Vegas on ABC.

We were REALLY digging this song live on the "Live Out Loud" tour so I'm going to stop writing about it and go download it myself now!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  FIXTHEBBMA'sUP


Exclusive! PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL’s “FIXURLIFEUP” iTunes Cover Revealed! + Twitter Drama

FIXURLIFEUP iTunes Cover 3rdEyegirl PRINCE Artwork By LV

Here is the official iTunes artwork for "FIXURLIFEUP" by PRINCE & 3rdEYEGIRL, which will be available sometime soon on iTunes.

Notice that 3RDEYEGIRL is mentioned first in the artwork? Hopefully, that will be explained when it is released on iTunes, if all goes according to plans.

Expect a higher quality version of the song than what is circulating from what CBC radio premiered on Friday.

Also, it has come to our attention that Twitter has verified an account that is not run by PRINCE or authorized by PRINCE. An account was created (@PRINCE_NPG) around the Welcome 2 Australia run to delete all other fake PRINCE Twitter accounts, but what Twitter was asking for at the time was too much.

For right now, we urge you to only follow 3rdEYEGIRL on Twitter. Although the account is not verified, we hope that will change to make sure this does not happen again.

We are hoping that this matter gets taken care of by Twitter swiftly and promptly and we thank them for their efforts. It would help if @DRFUNKENBERRY was verified as well but that is another story.

For now, enjoy the artwork and again, it should be available on iTunes April 15th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Twitter, FIXURLIFEUP! :)




New PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl Song “FIXURLIFEUP” Set To World Premiere Today In Canada!

FIXURLIFEUP  Image By LV Photos By Madison Dube

It was announced late last night early this morning that Jian Ghomeshi will be premiering a new PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl track entitled "FIXURLIFEUP" on his show today.

U can listen to the show HERE and the show is on now!

UPDATE: They just played the rocking number!  Not sure if Jian will play it later on the show.  Jian called it some of his more "masculine" material, and Jason Priestley from 90210 stated "it was really funky towards the end."

We are told the track will be on I-Tunes soon!

Hopefully, it will be for sale later on 3rdEyeGirl.com

When we have more info, will update.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Vancouver, and the West Coast, r U ready?

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