“FIXURLIFEUP” By 3rdEyeGirl Featuring PRINCE Now Available On iTunes!

FIXURLIFEUP iTunes Cover 3rdEyegirl PRINCE Artwork By LV

"FIXURLIFEUP" by 3rdEyeGirl featuring PRINCE is now available on iTunes! That took some time but it is finally there to purchase.

U can show your support and purchase the single HERE

Don't forget, 3rdEyeGirl and PRINCE will be rocking the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday in Las Vegas on ABC.

We were REALLY digging this song live on the "Live Out Loud" tour so I'm going to stop writing about it and go download it myself now!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  FIXTHEBBMA'sUP

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  1. Got it, dig it, fixin it! *wink* oh @ Angeleyes it’s not thats serious the young folks need this and we need to connect with them, everything else is separating us further and further from them we have to get into them and really listen to them for them to really listen to us.

    Of course he’s not abandoning anyone, but HE is the icon in that he IS the representative OF music not some hired player even a really good one and they know it and are very quick to say HE deserves it and credit for soooo much innovation and change and help annnd well the most moveable, memorable music ever made:). Even tho he doesn’t want to be worshiped we all know is a rock~god and a humble one at that! Bless him and the music! don’t take what he says sooooo seriously, seriously or do whatever.

  2. Just bought this song. I like it but do the lyrics say, …London you’re sure to be toast…? I’m a bit concerned!

  3. Like a lot of other folks, I’m waiting for it to go up on 3rdEyeGirl.com or Amazon. I don’t own any Apple devices and want to keep it that way.

  4. I love this song, but if it’s going to get released later this year on CD, I’d rather wait and buy the full 3rd Eye Girl CD.

  5. Don’t like I-Tunes either … it is great Prince made the song available there … reaches a big audience (and especially young people), but I am also one who would much rather buy it directly from 3rdeyegirl.com or prince2013.com … please!!

  6. Loye prince love that so

  7. The song is Ok, nothing special. Nobody else has a problem with the fact that he is receiving the ICON award but not working with any of the people who helped him get to this status. It seems like Prince has abandoned NPG and what made him who he is. Still pissed off about the only focused on young comment.

  8. not from itunes! not an apple supporter.

  9. Incomprehensible why it’s not on 3rdeyegirl.com !?!

    Will not buy from iTunes.

  10. Itunes: you need the client, it cant handle FLAC and it doesnt support paypal.. no thanks. Ill wait for 3rdeyegirl.com to come trough and support the artist directly

  11. I bought it, but iTunes is way to complicated! I cant get it on my mp3 player. I have no i devices! It took me 77 years and all my braincells (2.5) to find out WHERE the dang song was. I can only play it thru iTunes! I just wish he’d put it on 3rdEyegirl so i can buy it AGAIN! It’s a rockin’ tune! I LOVE it, but iTunes is a bit much 4 me. I know The Prince said he was “Tired of old people”(that smarted by the way), but WE WANT IT TOO! STILL love u till the end of time,Prince!

  12. I’m going to stick with downloading from the 3rdeyegirl site. I understand that he’s ramping up the thing, getting the track on I tunes gets the visibility up and that’s cool. I’m just not an Apple slave. SO when it hits 3rdeyegirl.com then I’m all in (as I have been for everything that’s been put up there so far).

  13. got it! nestled nicely after RNR and before boyfriend….before i forget, let me make a note of it’s location so’s i don’t forget….what? :-)

  14. Finally! Purchasing…

  15. I’ll support it when it’s available on 3rdeyegirl.com in wav. Till then I’m content with the wav titles I’ve bought from 3rdeyegirl.com and various freebies from 2013. Throw in the minor matter of the entire back catalogue, which after 31 years I still dont find boring, life’s not too bad :)

  16. Looks Promising so HAPPIE 2 hear about this GO PRINCE and 3rd EYE GIRL!!

  17. Accessed!

  18. The song is ok, the artwork is so bad and cheap. those photoshop 1993 filters. LOL I miss the Warner Bros. days

  19. I hope he does the new version of Let’s Go Crazy at the Billboard Awards!

  20. Forget iTunes, I’ll get it when it’s available on Google Play….. or Amazon MP3.

  21. Too cool..heading to iTunes now!!!!!!

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