PRINCE Set To Receive Billboard Icon Award; Rock Out With 3rdEyeGirl


Tomorrow night at the Billboard Music Awards In Las Vegas, PRINCE is set to receive the Icon Award. He will also be performing with 3rdEyeGirl.

Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber (2 times, once solo and once with Will.I.Am) Taylor Swift, Pitbull, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Miguel, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Selena Gomez and more will be performing at the Billboard Music Awards.

You can vote for which performance you are most excited to see HERE

There is no mention of what PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl will be playing although you would think it would be safe to assume one of the songs would be "FIXURLIFEUP" right?

Congrats to PRINCE on the Billboard Icon Award.

There will be several articles on PRINCE out tomorrow including the full interview with Jon Bream. We will have all that and more for you as the Billboard Music Awards air at 8 P.M. on ABC.-DocFB

Diagnosis: 3rdEyeGirl Power....

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  1. When he performs it live Connie….

  2. What line in Screwdriver refers to Lip syncers?

  3. Congratulations Prince…………hoping to see show on you tube or similar?

  4. Although its not my 1st choice I’m kinda hoping he does Screwdriver just so I can hear him drop that line about lip syncers in that room filled with them! Lol!

  5. I hope he does not wear those glasses….is it just me or do they look funny?

  6. Awesomeness I look 4word 2 the show. By the way I voted 4 him as the most excited to see; he is runnin in 5th place with beiber in the lead. at least he is not in last place…..

  7. Congrats to Prince !

  8. I Love Prince Back DAY 94east & Now and Forever Baby! I Will Ck it Out Tonight.Peace & Love Sexyp

  9. Wow! Prince to be awarded with the Icon Award, Damn!!! I can’t wait. I hope he performs When Doves Cry and Little Red Corvette!

  10. Let’s rock n’ roll funky tonight !!!!

  11. Breakfast can wait is my jam I wish he would play that!

  12. How wonderful! Prince deserves nothing less than to be honored as an icon because he truly fits the definition. Thank you Prince for the years of GREAT music written and performed by yourself and those you’ve worked with creatively.

    Congratulations 3rdEyeGirl, ‘have a feeling your lives are never going to be the same…enjoy, and rock hard in that funky place!

  13. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!! (spinning around in my lavendar chiffon dress) I’m as giddy as a school girl! My DVR is already set so i can watch over and over! I’ve been counting the days since u announced it in January, Doc! We love Prince! So very proud! Thank u Prince and 3rdEyeGirl 4 all the wonderful music thru the years and also 4 bringing all of us Purple Hippies 2gether. We got mad Love4OneAnother and Prince! I guess we already know who’ll be Life O’ The Party, dont we?

  14. Congrats to PRINCE ROGERS NELSON AND THE 3RD Eye Girl God Bless each and everyone of y’all. This is your honor Icon God bless 4ever love!!!!

  15. ICONIC IS RIGHT…. Amazing That The Set List Is Complete Except Prince…. He Is Ready To PLAY ANYTHING!!! EARLY CONGRATS TO MY MANN PRINCE :)

  16. So excited for Prince! No one deserves it more ….psyched to see him Rock Hard in a Funky Place :) I just love him. <3

  17. Really looking forward to this -esp just after seeing 4 amazing shows in las vegas after travelling from south africa …over and above the music -what an example to others. To witstand the pressures of fame …so not only an icon and legend ito musical history but also in conducting ur life – mr music …peace love and compassion to Prince ,3rd eye girl and y’all …

  18. This is EXCITING! I am so looking forward 2 seeing this tomorrow night. So GLAD that we the PURPLE GENERATION get to witness PURPLE HISTORY. To me Prince is NOT just and ICON BUT a LEGEND 2 me and there will NEVER NEVER NO NEVER be another 1 like him. I THANK GOD 4 PRINCE and his music. LOVE U PRINCE and 3rd Eye Girl wish I could be N VEGAS! but we ALL will be there N SPIRIT!! 😉

  19. Yes, congrats to Prince for this Award – so well deserved, for he truly IS an Icon!!!

    Hoping to see this here in Europe, too … somehow, somewhere … 😉

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