Video Premiere: “FIXURLIFEUP” By 3rdEyeGirl Featuring PRINCE! Watch Now!

FIXURLIFEUP iTunes Cover 3rdEyegirl PRINCE Artwork By LV

"FIXURLIFEUP" by 3rdEyeGirl featuring PRINCE has just been premiered on Vevo! You can watch the video below!

The video is directed by Sanaa Hamri and the live crowd portion was filmed in San Diego during the Live Out Loud tour.

Video provided by Kobalt Music Group Copyright NPG Records

The version above is YouTube and is ALL REGIONS! Thank U PRINCE & Kobalt Music for listening!

You can purchase the song on I-Tunes HERE.


Diagnosis: Don't Worry Bout What The Crowd Does....

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  1. Great video! Will you put Live out Loud on Vevo as well? I love the lyrics of the song but you didn’t perform it at the show and I don’t feel like it was promoted. I hope that we can see that video as well. I am glad I caught it while it was up. Not a fan of the fro, but Prince never ages. Unless this is his rock look and we get the regular Prince when he is with his band. That would be cool.

  2. loving the video alot its to see Prince having fun and dancing around and love all of his facial expressions. love the part where he jumped off the drum kit at the end of the video

  3. Ya’all need to FixUrLinkUp.

  4. Where’s the video , come on !!!

  5. Prince, this is too crucial a time in your career for web site and streaming problems! You’ve got new music that needs to be heard (and seen) and whoever is handling your video streams needs to get it together! That being said, I did check out the new video…very cool, rocking and I think I can see my wife and I in the audience!


    When does the 3rdeyegirl World Tour begin?

  7. I was front row center, near Lyn! I really want to see this video and I live in Costa Rica so please make it visible to people outside the US!

  8. Sweet, another Princely production. 1…2…3…..nothing.

  9. Its taken down in the US too.

  10. 5/22/2099…

    That will be a LONG WAIT…. šŸ™‚

  11. Attention: I cant like iT šŸ™

  12. NOT again..NOT SHOWN in EUROPE!! ..i am ALL about CDs and LIVE Music..i do not support Digital Music as Well As Videos being held hostage !!

  13. Well I can’t see it since I live outside the U.S. !! šŸ™

  14. Yeah I never write when something doesn’t necessarily blow my skirt up, and it took me while with certain spiritual aspects of this concept, but this one is pretty catchy:)

  15. Man, this is some bullshit. How many times in the past year has this happened? The link disappears. If you’re not gonna ride the immediate post-BBMA wave, then don’t rescind when you finally do put it up. That’s for Prince, not you, Doctor.

  16. prince owns 2013 and beyond

  17. Doc,

    U are as funky as Funkenstein!

  18. cool!!!

    Prince is bout 2 xplode!!

  19. Love it!

  20. I MADE THE VIDEO!!! : ) It’s quick but I absolutely love that I was right up front smiling up at him! This man has brought me so much joy throughout my life – some of my happiest memories are watching him perform live. Celebration was the happiest week of my life hands down! So cool to have a moment of that joy immortalized in a video. Love this song!

  21. OMG!!!! Prince looks soooooooooo sexy and hot!!! Love the band!! This video is so cool

  22. Amazing!!! Smoking

  23. I liked it..


  25. WOOO! Love. It. Preach!!!…Guitar shredding beats finger wagging any day …

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