Bobby Z. Is The Special Guest On This Weeks PRINCE Spreecast!

Bobby Z. Photo: Facebook.com

Bobby Z. will be a special guest on the PRINCE Spreecast hosted by DrFunkenberry & Seth Everett!

Bobby Z. played with "Purple Rain" PRINCE and 3rdEyeGirl this weekend at both shows at The Myth this weekend. Although Bobby played briefly with PRINCE back in 2000 at an event called "PRINCE: A Celebration" at his Paisley Park studios, he hasn't played "Purple Rain" with him since about 1986-87.

You can watch the show above or click on the link HERE!

It will be a fun show and we are working on another surprise for U all during the show!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Thanks 2 Bobby Z., PRINCE, 3rdEyeGirl, and U!!

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  1. don’t care for the spreecasts.

  2. Wow…Bobby Z…NICE!

  3. He played on “America” with Brownmark and Dr. Fink n trust me, it was too brief!

  4. So looking forward to Spreecast 2night WOOOHOOO!! my Boi Bobby Z going 2 be on the show tonight just LOVE IT!!

  5. Any way to be more specific, Doc? The whole “Bobby played briefly with PRINCE back in 2000 at an event called “PRINCE: A Celebration” at his Paisley Park studios” is a bit vague. What did Bobby play with Prince while at the Celebration? One song? More? Can you give us the answer? Thanks.

  6. Wooo Hooooo!!! My favorite spreecast guest!! That was my very fav spreecast when Bobby stopped by! He’s so special. He just RADIATES love and warmth. I’ll be there!

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