Ice Cube Performs “It Was A Good Day” With The Roots! Watch Now!

Ice Cube www.blogs.pitch.com

Ice Cube stopped by Jimmy Fallon to perform his rap classic "It Was A Good Day" with The Roots backing him up!

It was a cool performance!

Check it out!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Jimmy Fallon is a pimp....

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  1. That is a great picture.. I’ve always loved this man. (I love his eyes)

    The look on Jimmy’s face is priceless (put a bit of a smile on my face, I needed that)

    Thanks for posting,doc my deary.

    LOVE for Ice Cube ..Much love

  2. NOW that What I am talking about REAL RAPPING. Brings back MAN so many GREAT memories of the early Rap music. Ice Cube did a DOPE job on Fallon!

  3. Smooth! Perfect for the first day of summer.

  4. That’s so dope!

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