Cage The Elephant Perform “Come A Little Closer” On Letterman

Cage The Elephant Promo Photo

Cage The Elephant performed "Come A Little Closer" from the band's album Melophobia, out now!

Letterman seemed pretty impressed by Cage. Interesting.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The band has been a hot streak that we hope continues into 2014.....


Only 16? Lorde Performs “Royals” On Ellen!

Lorde Promo Photo

What the heck were you doing when you were 16? When I was 16, I weighed 96 pounds wet, was 5'2 and doing chin ups to make myself taller. Royal? No way!

Lorde made her daytime TV debut a week after making her American TV debut on Fallon the week before.

We dig Lorde's voice. People seem to be focusing on her movements while dancing. Pfffft! If Celine Dion can hit her tiny self in the chest and do the arm clap, Lorde can keep the "awkward" dancing while singing.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Embrace your awkwardness.....at 16 or any age.


Ice Cube Performs “It Was A Good Day” With The Roots! Watch Now!

Ice Cube www.blogs.pitch.com

Ice Cube stopped by Jimmy Fallon to perform his rap classic "It Was A Good Day" with The Roots backing him up!

It was a cool performance!

Check it out!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Jimmy Fallon is a pimp....


Watch Now! Keaton Simons Performs “Beautiful Pain” On Ellen

Keaton Simons Promo Photo

Keaton Simons performed "Beautiful Pain" On Ellen and we almost didn't recognize him!

Keaton chopped of his long locks! It didn't hurt his performance in the least obviously.

Keaton performed alongside his full band, which features Robin Dimaggio (drums), Darwin Johnson (bass), and Scheila Gonzalez (keys, backing vocals).

Keaton also recently performed a show at New York City's Webster Hall as well as Teaneck, NJ that featured appearances from friends Jason Castro (former American Idol contestant) and Ryan Cabrera.

You can purchase "Beautiful Pain" on iTunes or Amazon-DocFB

Diagnosis: Someone to keep an eye on....

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Robin Thicke Performs “Blurred Lines” With Pharrell & Hayden Panettiere?!?!

Pharrell & Hayden Panettiere Screen Cap: Zap2it.com
Robin Thick Performed on The Graham Norton Show with Pharrell and who did Pharrell pick out from the crowd but Hayden Panettiere!

She had such a good time, she even tweeted about it:


To see the HOT performance and our diagnosis, click here...


#tbt Throwback Thursday! Katy Perry Performing “Hot N Cold” On Letterman!

Katy Perry  File Photo

#tbt Here is a Throwback Thursday live performance of "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry on The Late Show With David Letterman.

Justin Timberlake isn't the only one who can introduce them-self. That just sounded like Austin Powers "Allow myself to introduce....myself." Ha!

Katy Perry  Photo: Esquire.com

We have a soft spot for Katy.  You all know that.  What she lacks for in voice, she more than makes up for in energy and performance, and we LOVE this performance.

Check it out.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Someone call a Doctor.....Funkenberry.....


Bon Jovi Performs On Ellen; Talks Richie Sambora’s Absence

Jon Bon Jovi & Ellen Photo: Ellen.Com

Bon Jovi performed one classic and a new song on Ellen and Jon Bon Jovi sat down to talk to Ellen. The conversation quickly turned to Richie Sambora who has left the band for personal reasons.

They talked about it being 30 years since their 1st album and Richie came up. Jon kept it classy not stating why Richie has left but says he is still in the band.

They performed the classic "Who Says You Can't Go Home" above and the new song "What About Now" below.

Jon also hooked up the audience for the band's next tour date in L.A.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Missing Richie....


Will.I.Am & Justin Bieber Perform “#ThatPower” On “Dancing With The Stars”

Will.I.Am & Justin Bieber Photo: HipHopWired.com

Will.I.Am & Justin Bieber performed "#ThatPower" on Dancing With The Stars last night. Justin was only there on the video screen, kind of like in the video where he is just a hologram.

Will and his dancers were rocking that Amish hat that he wears in the video.

The performance was high energy by Will. Although Justin only sings the hook, it would have been better if he performed with Will. With Justin being on tour however, that couldn't happen.

For those that watch the show, Victor Ortiz was sent home with his boxing gloves.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Still hearing that Kanye track in it....


Video: Macklemore & Lewis Perform “Can’t Hold Us” At MTV Movie Awards

Macklemore Photo: Thrift Shop

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performed "Can't Hold Us" at the MTV Movie Awards, showing that the duo may be more than a one hit wonder, an independent one at that.

Macklemore & Lewis want to go thrift shopping with Dr.Funkenbery

The performance was high energy with Macklemore wearing something Kuame would have worn back in the 80's. Who am I kidding? He was probably walking down the street wearing it yesterday.

Regardless, check out the performance with a full Mariachi band above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Indie and on MTV before Fallon? Wow.