3rdEyeGirl TV Returns With More PRINCE Rehearsals; Tease Of Tour Dates!


3rdEyeGirl TV returned just after the PRINCE Spreecast ended like most thought. Along with tour rehearsals, a 3rdEyeGirl spoke in the chat teasing info.

The show kicked off with a room in Paisley Park with 2 candles with an over 5 minute live version of “EXTRALOVEABLE” playing with the full NPG and 11 horn players and Prince ending it asking for medic and 911. 3rdEyeGirl later explained one of the horn players was on the ground at that point.

For more of what was played, the tour tease and more click here!

About 35-40 minutes went by before an over 3 minute version of “U Got The Look” live rehearsal was played. Each time a different live rehearsal was played, either a candle was added or pool sticks or other things.

After some more time, “Dancing Machine” by the Jackson 5 with the NPG Divas singing that went into “PartyMan” and then “It’s Alright” and that clocked in at just under 5 minutes.

More time went by until “Superconductor Reloaded” by Andy Allo played, just under 1:40 seconds. The remix was vastly different than the released version and is quite a good album. Don’t be a punk and get that album! 3rdEyeGirl spoke later and said to support Andy on her European tour and to not be a punk. Ha!

So about 15 minutes of rehearsal jams played over a 2 and a half hour livestream. Then someone reppin’ 3rdEyeGirl came into the room attempting to take questions from the chat with someone also in there pretending to be them.

Some people got confused and we will make it clear.

The person talked about Janelle being VERYVERYVERY happy about the remixes coming out of Paisley. They have been talking a lot and expect them to spring something on us!

It seemed like they might be going to Chicago this weekend. 3rdEyeGirl said they want to go there and spend some time and playing some blues clubs. If we get more info on that, we will verify.  Chicago was mentioned..but maybe not this weekend…..?

Someone asked about them playing New York City soon and they responded with “New York City may be sooner than we all think.”

3EG said “They wanted to play everywhere. Crew members are being hired so we thinx this will be a long tour.”

Someone then asked about Australia and they responded “Australia will be when it is Winter in Minneapolis. Australian Dates, it is.” It seemed they were having a little fun with that answer. Hmm.  They also said our man Jesse would be great to being on tour.

They talked about who would happen to open for Prince and it seemed a majority wanted Andy Allo, KING, or Janelle Monae.

People asked if Prince was in the room with people saying he wouldn’t be in there. 3rdEyeGirl said “Prince did indeed stop by 2 read a few comments.” “He was smiling so he must have been pleased.”

They talked about the YouTube videos being taken down off the 3rdEyeGirl account and stated that the girls will be getting a new web site. Something different than 3rdEyeGirl then.

They also said they preferred talking there saying “Isn’t this better than Facebook or Twitter or other social media.?  Sometimes it can be dizzying.”  They just get Twitter verified and now are not about it.  How long it took to verify though, I can understand.

They answered a few more questions but nothing really relating to the tour. A few questions about “Plectrum Electrum” and other music being released was not answered.

They are not really wanting to give a heads up yet when these happen so make sure to join HERE.

Remember, it is stop and go for a little bit so if you just sign in and you think it is over, stay there, chill on the chat, or just keep it open and do things in the same room.  It will be worth it.

To recap what was played, all live rehearsals this time consisting of “Extraloveable”, “U Got The Look”, “Dancing Machine”, “Partyman”, It’s Alright”, and “Superconductor Reloaded” by Andy Allo.  About 15 minutes of Funk over a 2 and a half hour period.

Thanks to Prince and the 3rdEyeGirl rep for this!

They did say they were not sure when the next 3rdEyeGirl TV would be due to maybe being in Chicago.  We will keep U updated here and everywhere if we hear anything.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  I’m sure the tour news is making you salivate.  Heart palpitations and all…..somebody get a medic!

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  • Chi-Town-Jill
    Posted at 09:20h, 29 June

    3rdEyeGirl returned to the 3rdEyeGirl TV early this morning to add the following :

    Saturday Night hopefully
    about 6 hours ago

    if they can get the gear moved fast enuff
    about 6 hours ago
    here might b an aftershow yes
    about 6 hours ago

    When asked about the artwork for the new album the following was revealed :

    It’s actually clothing
    about 6 hours ago

    U wear it
    about 6 hours ago

    Once donned, u can get in2 Paisley Park anytime u want!
    about 6 hours ago

    dope, right?
    about 6 hours ago

    Cant wait to buy a 3EG dress soo dope!
    about 6 hours ago

    Hmmm…a digital dress perhaps..hope they come in ALL sizes…j

  • Maurice
    Posted at 07:06h, 29 June

    Well it’s cool that Prince likes to try new stuff to give people his music.
    But he has a global fanbase. In the netherlands im going to work when 3EYG is jamming on the box!
    So unfortunately it is not to be viewed afterwards….

    Please fix this!
    Peace Out!

  • justloveprince
    Posted at 07:19h, 28 June

    myles matisse you forgot something 7/prince doesn t need the internet,his fans will follow him where he wants to be followed 8/prince is THE artist remember ?

  • Miranda
    Posted at 06:46h, 28 June

    Personally, I love the ‘unexcepted, hard to tell when’ part. I live in Europe and sometimes I stay up all night, sometimes I rise early, and sometimes I miss out on stuff. But I fully enjoy everything they play. What a band! These rehearsals are fab and I can hardly wait for the Montreux gigs to start.

  • Mirri
    Posted at 00:44h, 28 June

    Prince please come to Finland,tea is ready

  • ChiTown-Jill
    Posted at 19:29h, 27 June

    I hope that ChiTown works out…We r READY 4 the FUNK! Did ya’ notice the 3rdEyeGirl site “Reloaded”…looks FANTASTIC!!!!

  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 18:23h, 27 June

    I really don’t get Prince, 3rd Eye Girl and his peeps not embracing ALL social media on the internet as well as YouTube. He really, really, really needs to understand that most of the world will NOT take the time to go to his stand alone website to get info, music, videos, etc,. Most of the world also won’t take the time to go to a weekly spreecast either from Seth Everett and the Dr. or last minute ones from Paisley Park. It just ain’t gonna happen because people’s lives revolve around social media.

    The world is so involved in all forms of social media that for Prince to not be involved means a few things to most in the world:

    1/ He’s irrelevant
    2/ He’s a spoiled weirdo
    3/ He’s a hater of social media and the internet
    4/ He doesn’t REALLY care about where his career is now or in the future
    5/ He’s difficult and wants to make things as tough for fans as possible
    6/ He’s dead

    Out of sight…out of mind when it comes to social media and YouTube.

    I thought Prince would’ve been smarter than this.

    So disappointed in him.

  • Twinkly1
    Posted at 17:36h, 27 June

    caught the spreecast a little late but it was nevertheless interesting and fun as usual. loved the 3rdEyeTV jaaaamzzzz ! Keep it coming, please. This shaping up to be a rather nice party bus.

  • Debbie a.k.a thareelqueenbee
    Posted at 13:58h, 27 June

    Yep Tha Queen stays ready 4 3rdEG TV! Yeah I saw just a tad bit of last night episode of the Late Night happenings at the Park!! MAN! this is MAJOR KRAZIE PURPLE FUN and I just LOVE IT hanging out chatting with tha Purple Peepz looking forward 2 More Late Night Summer’s at tha Park with P and 3RDEG TV! And YES! PLEASE TAKE US WITH U 3RDEG!!

  • Shelly Rae
    Posted at 09:35h, 27 June


    Really miss U all…
    If u ever Come back this way..
    Nevada~Ut has Several Jazz Blues
    Love to see U…
    God Bless…

  • Ben RIos
    Posted at 09:35h, 27 June


  • Suzy Six
    Posted at 08:48h, 27 June

    DUDE!!! I’m WAY too excited right now!!! The chat moves SO fast that i didnt even SEE the NY comment!!! OH LAWD! Breathe Suzy…Wooooosaaaa!!! Ok, i’m alright,,,,,NO I’M NOT!!! THANKUTHANKUTHANKU!!!!!

  • teiemka
    Posted at 08:40h, 27 June

    Thanx for the summary Doc, as my life (ie. work, kids, timezone)doesn’t synchronize well with Prince world. 🙂

  • Dan Woods • Paisley Parked • EyeNoReligion
    Posted at 06:26h, 27 June

    Yes, It’s a lot to digest and I couldn’t be much happier. All about socking away those purple funds so when the haps be happenin’ I’ll be clappin’ not nappin’…

  • Calhoun
    Posted at 05:50h, 27 June

    All of this is OK. Just a little too late at night for european followers 🙂

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