New Robin Thicke Featuring Kendrick Lamar “Give It 2 U” Listen Now!

Robin Thicke Promo Photo

Robin Thicke has just released the follow-up to "Blurred Lines" with "Give It 2 U" with Kendrick Lamar. He is talking how big his....ego is again.

It is overtly sexual and let's you know exactly what is about and exactly what he wants to do. Will.I.Am co-wrote it and Dr. Luke produced it.

To listen to the new song by Robin Thicke, click here.....

Kendrick Lamar is hot right now and that can only help this song even more.

This is a total club hit although it will be hard to top "Blurred Lines" with Pharrell.

What Do U think?-DocFB

Diagnosis: When people talk about how big it is, is it?....

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  1. Trying old Prince tricks! 25 years later….and not as good.

  2. This is an AWESOME Track and a Club BANGER! BUT I can see it now EVERY MAN is going to try and memorize the lines to this song so they can get their MAC ON at the Clubs LOL!! ;)

  3. Did the world really need another Vanilla Ice?

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