New Robin Thicke Featuring Kendrick Lamar “Give It 2 U” Listen Now!

Robin Thicke Promo Photo

Robin Thicke has just released the follow-up to "Blurred Lines" with "Give It 2 U" with Kendrick Lamar. He is talking how big his....ego is again.

It is overtly sexual and let's you know exactly what is about and exactly what he wants to do. Will.I.Am co-wrote it and Dr. Luke produced it.

To listen to the new song by Robin Thicke, click here.....


W.h.at??? Will.I.Am Suing Pharrell Over Phrase “I Am”

Will.I.Am & Pharrell Photo: MissInfo.TV

Will.I.Am is not messing around with what he feels is his brand, even if it is a friend. Will is suing Pharrell over the words "I Am" and claiming the copyright is owned by him.

Rolling Stone uncovered the court documents. For the full article, click here.


Miley Cyrus Shuts Down Hollywood Blvd. As She Performs “We Can’t Stop” On Jimmy Kimmel With Will.I.Am

Miley Cyrus Photo: FameFlynet.com

Miley Cyrus took over Hollywood Boulevard last night and shut it down to perform "We Can't Stop" on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She was also joined by Will.I.Am for "Fall Down" as well.

For the bonus performance of "Fall Down" with Will.I.Am, click here...


Video Premiere: Ke$ha Releases Video For “Crazy Kids” Featuring Will.I.Am! Watch Now!

Kesha Crazy Kids Promo

Ke$ha (Kesha) has released a video for "Crazy Kids" featuring Will.I.Am. or the Will.I.Am Hol.O.Gram.

Hasn't somebody laready rapped Gucci with Coochie? Can someone trademark it so we don't have to hear it again?

I like the second part of this song and the video. Even with Will's mumble rap.

I rather Ke$ha make music than hear about her drinking her own urine. Yup, that was aired on MTV last week. Heaven forbid they bring back music video's when they can show Ke$sha drinking her own batch.

So, I like the song and the video. Parts of it. Can't something keep my attention for 4 minutes anymore? Sigh. BTW, great live performer, even with the "Beard" dancers.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The 3rd Eye is in hand....


Will.I.Am & Justin Bieber Perform “#ThatPower” On “Dancing With The Stars”

Will.I.Am & Justin Bieber Photo: HipHopWired.com

Will.I.Am & Justin Bieber performed "#ThatPower" on Dancing With The Stars last night. Justin was only there on the video screen, kind of like in the video where he is just a hologram.

Will and his dancers were rocking that Amish hat that he wears in the video.

The performance was high energy by Will. Although Justin only sings the hook, it would have been better if he performed with Will. With Justin being on tour however, that couldn't happen.

For those that watch the show, Victor Ortiz was sent home with his boxing gloves.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Still hearing that Kanye track in it....


Will.I.Am. Shows Off New iPhone Camera On Chelsea Lately

Wil.I.Am & Chelsea Handler Screen Capture: MrWorldPremiere.Net

Chelsea Handler had Will.I.Am on "Chelsea Lately" where Will showed off his new iPhone camera made of faux gold.

The contraption is kind of neat with different lenses that can be used. The camera is made by Will's own company entitled "Iam+" and also increases the camera's pixels from 8 megapixels to 14 megapixels.

Will.I.Am seemed uncomfortable at times. He also has seemed to me to be socially awkward and more comfortable on stage. It could also be that over the years Chelsea has made fun of him constantly and calling him a real "douchebag" and perhaps Wil was on as a favor to Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas whom she is close to.

It is obvious to me that Chelsea is not the biggest fan of Will's but was impressed with his use of technology and that he plans to go back to school this fall to learn more about technology.

I would usually criticize Chelsea for being hypocritical of Will and then having him on the show and not bringing up the stuff she has said about him. Curious if she will diss him anymore or if she has changed her tune.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Ima B wanting that device with they make it for the Samsung SIII


Prince Throws Grammy Party At New House

From 2005 til 2008, Prince threw legendary house parties, especially after award shows.  Last night, it seems those parties are starting up again.

The guest list for Prince's Grammy Jammy was: Prince, Best New Artist Grammy Winner Esperanza Spalding, Janelle Monae, Will.I.Am, Dave Chappelle, Lenny Kravitz, India Arie, Cyndi Lauper, Nicole Scherzinger, AJ Calloway, and Shaun Robinson.

Well, there is the guest list.  Will details follow?-Dr.FB

Update:  PRINCE & Janelle Monae brought the sun up at Prince's new L.A. dgs...new "California" dates are coming so he WILL be there for a minute...