Lady Gaga Set To Perform At MTV Video Music Awards!

Lady Gaga Artpop Promo

Lady Gaga will perform music from “ARTPOP” at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 25th.

The first single from “ARTPOP” and most likely the one she will be performing will be out on August 19th. “ARTPOP” is due for release in November.

The MTV Video Music Awards will take place at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center.-DocFB

Diagnosis: So far, Gaga is the only one to confirm for the Award show which is a month away…..



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  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 15:12h, 29 July

    MTV, VH1 and Viacom are a bunch of advertising money grabbing, reality show ratings wanting corporations that have nothing but disdain for music videos and the music industry. They’ve slowly morphed the network Music Television from a 24 hour music related network into a reality show cesspool, thinking that by being reality, they’ll make more almighty dollars through ad revenue, not understanding that they’ve sold out, making their network a mockery in music circles.

    The fact that MTV still has the Music Video Awards after changing their logo, eliminating Music Television from it shows how they want their cake and eat it too. MTV and Viacom want to keep their reality show programming while “acting” like they embrace the music video artform as well. The LAST show I would ever watch would be the MTV Music Video Awards because of how they’ve basically flushed music videos down the toilet in their programming. What MTV needs is a shake up from the top down, meaning all the execs and programmers need to be replaced by people passionate about the MUSIC and the MUSIC VIDEO art form. The ONLY reality shows they should have on the networks are MUSIC RELATED reality shows. Even shows like “The Osbournes” are a stretch because it rarely focused on Ozzy and his singing, rehearsing and performing.

    MTV and VH1 are laughable and deservedly so and this is coming from someone (me) that was there at those network’s inception and have watched how they have DEVOLVED.

    My attitude? Boycott the damn MTV Music Video Awards until MTV and VH1 go back to their ORIGINAL music related mission statement. Until then, a big middle finger goes out to those networks and their boss Viacom.

  • elibats
    Posted at 16:08h, 25 July

    Been ready for #ARTPOP since late 2012. CAN. NOT. WAIT. 🙂

  • elibats
    Posted at 16:08h, 25 July

    Been ready for #ARTPOP since late 2012. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

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