Nick Jonas Shows You He Is Beating His Diabetes In Shirtless Selfie!

Nick Jonas Photo: Instagram

Nick Jonas is proud of his administration. He is proud of his work out body. Being a diabetic, he is really proud of the work he has done.

"I never do this but… Healthy living and fitness update. Post workout picture. #diabeticinshape #2.0.”

20 years old. Diabietic. Kicking diabetes ass!

BTW, here is EXCLUSIVE footage of Nick Jonas performing with friend of the site SONNY T. Thanks to Cody for the footage.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I wonder if I was 20 if I would be as successful against my diabetes. Not being able to run or jog anymore makes it hard but maybe if I had that 20 year old metabolism and Jonas $ if I could beat it. Proud of Nick regardless.....

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  1. WOW! SONNY T and NICK JONAS Doin there THANG N LA! How did tha Queen miss this 😉 Would have LOVED 2 see this.

  2. Looking good, Nick

  3. Is that sonny t formerly of the npg?

  4. Check the date on that Moni. LOL.

  5. Secret L.A. show????!!!! And I missed it?!!! Waahhhhh! =(

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