Nick Jonas Shows You He Is Beating His Diabetes In Shirtless Selfie!

Nick Jonas Photo: Instagram

Nick Jonas is proud of his administration. He is proud of his work out body. Being a diabetic, he is really proud of the work he has done.

"I never do this but… Healthy living and fitness update. Post workout picture. #diabeticinshape #2.0.”

20 years old. Diabietic. Kicking diabetes ass!

BTW, here is EXCLUSIVE footage of Nick Jonas performing with friend of the site SONNY T. Thanks to Cody for the footage.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I wonder if I was 20 if I would be as successful against my diabetes. Not being able to run or jog anymore makes it hard but maybe if I had that 20 year old metabolism and Jonas $ if I could beat it. Proud of Nick regardless.....


Nick Jonas Appears Set To Be Next “American Idol” Judge

Nick Jonas. Photo: GettyImages.com Nick Jonas. Photo: GettyImages.com Nick Jonas. Photo: GettyImages.com

Sigh. I really wanted Adam Lambert to be the next "American Idol" judge but if Nick Jonas gets the job, I won't totally be mad.

Nick tweeted over the weekend:

“The rumors are true... I am being considered to be a judge on American Idol, and it would be a dream come true if it happens. #nickonidol.”

#nickonidol started trending almost immediately.

The reason I like Nick Jonas, aside from his solo record, is because of him trying to bring constant awareness to Diabetes. Nick is a diabetic, as I am. Not many people know about the conditions of diabetes and what goes along with it. I look healthy on the outside but for the past few months...my feet have been in constant pain. I try to get the word out about Diabetes but if Nick had that platform, he could be doing a lot to bring even more awareness to the cause.

What do U think of Nick Jonas being a judge on American Idol?

Below is a "secret show" performance with Administration (& former member of Prince's NPG) Sonny Thompson.-DocFB


Nick Jonas Honored For Diabetic Awareness

Nick Jonas. Photo: GettyImages.com
Nick Jonas. Photo: GettyImages.com

Nick Jonas. Photo: GettyImages.com

Nick Jonas played a punk teen pop star on "Mr. Sunshine" With Matthew Perry a few weeks ago, but he appears to be nothing like that in real life.  Thank God.

Nick Jonas was honored at the 6th Annual Carnival For A Cure in New York City on Sunday.  He accepted an award honoring him for bringing awareness to Diabetes and improving life from those suffering from the disease. 

Before the ceremony, Nick stated; “I’m looking forward to attending and sharing my story about how diabetes hasn’t slowed me down.”

The Diabetes Research Institute was glad to have Nick there.  I am glad for both Nick and the DRI as they are actually trying to find a cure for diabetes.

As some of you know, I suffer from Diabetes type 2 and have been vocal about it.  It really is a silent disease that even your close loved ones cannot detect. 

Much love to Nick Jonas & the Diabetic Research Institute.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Diabetic Deaths Are On The Rise


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Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez: Timeless

Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez. LimelightPics.com
Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez. LimelightPics.com

Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez. LimelightPics.com

Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez had a golf date over the weekend AND the paps found the couple. 

No saucy make out photos of they young "friendly" stars, just shots of them playfully playing golf.

On a side note, it is being reported by TMZ that Selena bought Nick a present and it is really cute.

It is a pocket watch and on the back, it is engraved "Check the time....I Love you right now."  Now, that is sweet and classic.   The box was engraved with a famous poem; ""I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am with you." 

Perhaps a play on Nick's hit "Who I Am" and it is plain to see that whether they are just really good friends or more,  she digs Nick for who he is.  Gotta love young love. Who could ask for more?-Dr.FB


Nick Jonas Shows Us Who He Is

Nick Jonas Feb. 2nd 2010

Nick Jonas Feb. 2nd 2010

Nick Jonas Feb. 2nd 2010

Here are some exclusive photos of Nick Jonas playing in Sherman Oaks Feb. 2nd, when his solo CD "Who I Am" dropped.

Also, in case you missed it, here is some exclusive video from the performance as well.

Thanks to Cody B. for the photos and videos and sharing with you all.-Dr.FB