Mariah Carey Releases Blooper Reel Of…Um….Uh…Yea…


Mariah has released a blooper reel of her trying to promote her video with Miguel for "Beautiful" on the network. We mean hashtag beautiful. Ahem.

At least she doesn't take herself too seriously. #Bloopers-DocFB

Diagnosis: It is too bad she didn't take the music video for "Beautiful" seriously as it deserved a better video. That was kind of a professional blooper real....no?

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  1. You know I’ve tried to like her- or at least give her the benefit of the doubt, but I’m convinced over and over again that’s she a diva who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about anything but herself. (look up her mtv cribs appearance…ouch)
    Maybe I’m wrong. I just don’t get what people see in her. Her voice is, by far, not my favorite. Yeah, she’s gorgeous but so what?! Never bought a CD because someone was pretty.

  2. NOT FUNNY at ALL. So totally agree Doc Wish there was a better video for #Beautiful.

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