Mariah Carey Releases Blooper Reel Of…Um….Uh…Yea…


Mariah has released a blooper reel of her trying to promote her video with Miguel for "Beautiful" on the network. We mean hashtag beautiful. Ahem.

At least she doesn't take herself too seriously. #Bloopers-DocFB

Diagnosis: It is too bad she didn't take the music video for "Beautiful" seriously as it deserved a better video. That was kind of a professional blooper real....no?


Mariah Carey & Miguel Release Music Video For #Hermosa, Spanish Version Of #Beautiful

Mariah Carey & Miguel

When you get busted for lip syncing at an Award show, what do you do? Why, release a Spanish version of your latest single "Beautiful" entitled "Hermosa" with Miguel.

We know Mariah can sing...but has she forgotten to make great music videos? Sigh. There is more than just flashing a smile and your curves. Oh well. Sure this will do.....until her next award show performance.-DocFB

Diagnosis: This post was brought to by Memorex.....


Hmm. Mariah Carey & Miguel Release “Explicit” Version Of #Beautiful Watch Now!

Mariah Carey & Miguel

Mariah Carey & Miguel have released a new video for "Beautiful" an "explicit" version of the song.

Gone is the part of Mariah riding on the back of Miguel's bike, which I said looked too much like Miguel trying to be Prince once again with MC looking like Apollonia. People do pay attention to what I say. Just saying.

The explicit version just focuses on Mariah posing in the barn and Miguel dropping the "ass" and "F-word"...

Does it change what we originally wrote about the video? Nope. Still wish they would have remade it.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Mariah posing til closing...again.


Mariah Carey Drops The S Bomb On Live TV! Performs “Beautiful” With Miguel

Mariah Carey & Miguel

Mariah Carey appeared on Good Morning America to perform and dropped the "S" bomb on live TV and said quickly "You didn't hear that!" She still ended up performing "Beautiful" with Miguel.

The clean and clear version obviously doesn't have the "S" bomb being dropped. Miguel did not leg drop anyone in the crowd either.

Later on, the back of Mariah's dress popped open and while getting fixed, she almost popped out of her dress. She said "Oh shoot!" this time. "I LOVE you Donatella but the dress popped, darling!"

Does that mean no more free clothes from Versace anymore, Donatella?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Poor Mariah....


Mariah Carey & Miguel’s “Beautiful” Video Just Isn’t….

Mariah Carey & Miguel

A song as good as "Beautiful" by Mariah Carey & Miguel deserves an amazing video. Unfortunately, it didn't get one.

Mariah looks hot. That's great. Miguel is looking cool. We could have seen that in photos and not in a video format.

If they spent more than an hour making this video, I will be surprised. 45 minutes looking for a location...and 15 minutes with Mariah posing and Miguel smiling.

Miguel, buddy. I LOVE your style...but you need to find your own identity. This whole riding on a motorcycle like your Prince and Mariah like she is Apollonia from "Purple Rain" is just too much. You are about to break out tremendously in the next year and a half. Big time! Avoid doing anything "Purple" to make sure that breakout is permanent.

Fan reaction on Twitter:

Mariah. Looking good. Every video since "Loverboy" has to show off your body. You are proud of it. Heck, we are proud to be looking at it! We would have been even prouder to have seen Miguel in a tux and you in an elegant dress ala "It's Like That" but for the entire video. Do you remember your video's before "Honey" and how they looked? We do.

"Beautiful" is an amazing song and a great vehicle for Miguel's career, more-so than that awesome ride in the video. I hope it rocks the charts.

Perhaps, after "American Idol" is over, you and Miguel can reshoot the video and give the song what it deserves....which is a video NOT like that.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Like that girl at the mall, it looked good from far but the closer she got, the more she was far from good.


Jam Of The Week! Mariah Featuring Miguel “Beautiful” Listen Now!

Mariah Carey & Miguel

The DrFunkenberry Jam Of The Week is "Beautiful" by Mariah Carey & Miguel. The video will premiere on Wednesday night's edition of "American Idol", a show that Mariah is a judge on.

Mariah used American Idol finalists Idol finalists Candice, Kree, and Angie’s vocals as backup on another new track due soon.

As for working with Miguel, Mariah had this to say while talking to Ryan Seacrest this morning;

“I’m a huge fan of his music and I think everybody is so blown away by him right now … We got together, he had starting writing this song with just the guitar riff… and I have to say this about him as a collaborator, sometimes when you haven’t worked with somebody you don’t know really what they do in the studio …and if they have the same kind of love for music that I have … and he’s the truth. We just wanted to do something different that has a texture that feels fresh.”

Check out the Drfunkenberry Jam Of The Week "Beautiful" by Mariah & Miguel above. For the Mariah interview with Seacrest, click on the continue reading button.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Miguel & Mariah making "Beautiful" music together.


New Video By Kelly Clarkson “Mr. Know It All” Takes On The Media

"Why is Kelly single?"  "Kelly Clarkson is fat."  "Kelly forgets old friends"  "Kelly endorses smoking" are all actual headlines about Kelly Clarkson in the past few years.

How many are really true?  How many really hurt Kelly.  Do we really know it all?  "Mr. Know It All" the new single by Kelly Clarkson tackles all those issues and more in the new video clocking in at just under 4 minutes.

Just because we listen to one's music, watch their interviews, it doesn't mean we really know them.  At all.

We never met Kelly.  What we know about her is she can sing...and she is beautiful just the way she is.  Oh, and we are playing the video for "Mr. Know It All" again while writing this.

Check out the latest....and the greatest....although I don't know it all....it is just my opinion...."Mr. Know It All" by Kelly Clarkson.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  What You Think You Know....Might Not Be True.....