PRINCE is all over Twitter right now and he just dropped a new song entitled "GROOVY POTENTIAL" that is now for sale on 3rdEyeGirl.com

Check it out and go to 3rdEyeTunes.com to buy it!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Do U got the GROOVY POTENTIAL...?

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  1. This is a magnificent song, with all the albums out now, Justin Timberlake and Daft Punk with this kind of groove, very similar to Prince the album 1979.
    Love to see him bring out a disco groovy album..

  2. If U have NOT notice Prince is Groovy Potential.

  3. Have been listening to this Groovy Potential over and over since I bought it, and it still sounds fresh and uplifting every time! I love everything about this song – Prince’s vocals, every instrument played, the tempo changes within the song … it’s wonderful. 🙂

    I hope that tens of thousands of the new 3rdEyeGirl followers buy this song! Everyone should get it, it’s a brilliant piece of music!

  4. Dear Eric: I thought the solution was clear in my post: put more thought into the lyrics. Or at least as much thought that appears to have gone into the music. Maybe read some poetry. Listen to some Joni. Get inspired by the verse again. That’s all.

  5. Another rehash of a tired sounding formula he’s released several times before. Where’s the freshness that’s always been the signature of his best work?

  6. “Groovy Potential”
    “Breakfast Can Wait”
    “What It Feels Like”
    “That Girl Thang”

    Top of the line cuts from 3EG at this point…….

  7. As we say in the military b4 a hidden xplosion:

    “IED!! IED!!”

    Prince is bout 2 blow the whole music scene out the water!!!!!


  8. Hotness!!
    Gonna have myself some fun, fun, fun, fun…I cant wait for Saturday to begin!

  9. I won’t say how this song has the “Potential” 2 get the groove goin’ from the 1st beat & finger snaps, the “Potential” 2 get my butt up while the night is young (or OLD) & go out & sway my hips under the stars & the “Potential” 2 start workin’ up a “Black Sweat” during the last 35 or so secs (EXTENDED VERSION, PLEASE :D?!) of the song. I wont say it b/c, it may sound a bit cliche…so I won’t ;).
    Also love it that “P” took the time 2 have sum fun with the fans via Twitter! Wonder how many people passed out??? I understand he killed a lot of them softly, tho’…awwwww ;). But, poor “@Friday_Everyday”, I wonder if he saw that 1 coming? Thanx so much again, Prince, 4 more Treasures from ur Royal Kingdom :). <3

  10. Dear Anonymous: If the arrangement suits you, then perhaps the music is what you should be listening to. Or you could riddle me this: you have cited a criticism, but have not cited a solution to your problem, which makes you come across as being nit-picky. Perhaps if you did, it just might garner you more of the right kind of attention. Me, I dig the song fine just as it is, and will proceed to the checkout line to plunk down my 88 cents. And remember, it is just 88 cents. Personally, I think the songs he has put out this year could have gone for double that in a pinch.

  11. Does Billboard, and other ‘charters’, count all of Prince’s sales? They should. And Prince should do what it takes to get more radio(traditional radio) airplay; like a college campus tour. Send all college radio stations new and classic Prince recordings in advance of a college tour(if the ‘old guy’ can still show the youngsters how it’s done).

  12. I just got off of work and this is such a wonderful, unexpected pleasure. Thanks Prince!!! I just purchased “Groovy Potential”

  13. This songs KILLS musically (And from what I’m hearing Prince does too if you tweet him)…..

    Play “Future Soul Song” just after and you’ve got an incredible 12 minutes of music.

    LOVE stuff like this!

  14. The song has a groovy potential to be bought by me. 🙂 I’ve been putting off buying the new music this year because I just have not had the funds to do so. Pretty soon I will. 🙂

  15. Love the intro. Going to 3rdEyeGirl.Com, now to buy!

  16. By the Way,…… The Final 25 seconds of Pure Groove at the end of that song,….. I Could Really Live with a Whole Album of that Sh_t alone……

    Musgrave – Chicago

  17. It’s Cool that I Still RUN to Purchase New Prince Music the second it’s released…. right? Right???

    Musgrave – Chicago

  18. #np Prince – Groovy Potential

  19. sounds groovy.. has a lot of potential… tried to buy it, but came up with an error… 🙁

  20. CHING! sold. 🙂

  21. Really nice arrangement and music, but those LYRICS! Truly terrible. I can’t stand when he sounds like he’s trying to dumb himself down. We know you’re smart, Prince, and we can handle your deep thinking. “Get up so we can get down???” Come on, now.

  22. What’s not 2 like, , its groovy

  23. Yeah sounds good…will buy it 4 sure

  24. Very uplifting, beautifully arranged, enjoy every bit and every sound in this song!!!

  25. Musical Hugs?! 🙂

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