“Electric”! PRINCE Sends Janelle Monae A Singing Telegram! Watch Now!

Prince & Janelle Monae Image By LV

In case you don't know, Janelle Monae's new album "Electric Lady" is out now! She has taken over New York the past few days and to her surprise, got a singing telegram from the icon Prince!

The telegram-er sang the telegram to the lyrics of Prince, and Janelle did not know it was from Prince til afterwards to where she read the lyrics back and was extremely touched!

To check out the singing telegram and more, click here!!

Check out the entire clip but the Prince telegram is around the 2 minute mark! What a pretty awesome way to show support for Janelle.

We also talked about "Electric Lady" on the Prince Spreecast with special guest Tamar Davis!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Cop that "Electric Lady" CD if you haven't already!

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  1. Just the IDEA THAT PRINCE has joined with her, I mean, I’ve GOT to listen to her music now! PRINCE IS THE ULTIMATE!!! LOVE YOU PRINCE!

  2. Janelle is simply amazing. A true artist. I know that Prince is extremely proud of her and all that she has done for her career. Staying true to the music-to her vision-and being a good person to top it all off. So happy for her :o) Go Electric lady!!!! Do your thang on the dance floor!

  3. Janelle’s style and power is revolutionary; her art and soul is refreshing and inspiring. And that was a nice gesture from Prince.

  4. Prince Is Also Sending His Early Congrats, He Knows This Album Has “Danger” Written All Over It ;). & The Most Thoughtful, Funniest, Coolest, CHEESY-est…How ADORABLE Is That???!! Prince Stuns The STUNNER, That’s Just The Whipped Cream On A Fluffy Layer Cake :D!

  5. CuTe n sweet! No I don’t love everything or every artist P hips us to, but just about as
    he has great taste :) and who could could not with Janelle! We find her like Lianne, a revelation!! can’t wait for show.

  6. AWWWW Prince sends JM a Singing Telegram is so Sweet and Thoughtful of Prince and it’s well deserved. I am so PROUD of JM she is her 2 STAY! JM is truly 1 Electric Lady!! 😉 <3

  7. Prince talked about Janelle some years back. I listened and have never looked back. He knows what’s what. She’s brilliant and as he says a ‘STUNNER’ too. Will be listening for year’s to come.

  8. Nevermind… found it.. LOL

  9. Umm? Where?? in the spreecast or Letterman clip.. Not catching it?

  10. A great album. She’s like a female Andre 3000 :)

  11. Wow, just awesome. Picked up my copy of Electric lady from Starbucks! Wow can you imagine getting a singing telegram from Prince? I can!

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