Coolest Use Of A PRINCE Song Ever! The Daily Show!

Jon Stewart Photo: ComedyCentral.Com

"You can be the President, I rather be Jon Stewart!" the Daily Show With Jon Stewart used the song "Pope" by Prince for a segment on....you guessed it...the Pope.

Although they were trying to throw shade at the previous Pope, we wish the new Pope would actually enter events using that song.


Check out the clip above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Jon doing "Gagnum Style" to "Pope"....well...at least he didn't twerk.

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  1. ???!!! (Blink Stutters) Tracklist?? Did I Just Hit My Head & Wakeup SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW???

  2. The breakdown 4:08
    Brave & strong 4:55
    Guilty 5:34
    Wonderful 2:48
    The life of a rock star 3:52
    We have a blast 3:06
    Glass cutter 4:51
    2Y2D 4:14
    Underground 4:11
    FunkNroll 3:35
    Rock the house 3:23
    Live out loud 5:03

    Beautiful 4:40
    Big city 5:22
    Come with me 3:26
    Boyfriend 4:13
    Bring it back 3:31
    Natasha 3:57
    Apart 2:55
    Everything 4:22
    U can never stay 4:47
    Bitter aftertaste 4:16
    When u sleep 3:20

  3. Prince’s Love Is “International” But, I Think It Xtends Beyond The UNIVERSE ;)? & His Muzik Is Like A “Hallmark” Card, There’s Sumthing 4 Every Occasion~<3

  4. WOW! haven’t heard that song in a COOL MINUTE it’s really COOL that Jon use the song in his segment either Jon or someone on his staff is a HUGH Prince Fan. I would like 2 see Prince on The Daily Show.

  5. we r so ready 4 ten month now !!!

  6. The breakdown, Brave & strong, Guilty, Wonderful, The life of a rock star, We have a blast, Glass cutter, 2Y2D, Underground, FunkNroll, Rock the house, Live out loud…
    I said be ready!

  7. Beautiful, Big city, Come with me, Boyfriend, Bring it back, Natasha, Apart, Everything, U can never stay, Bitter aftertaste, When u sleep…
    Be ready…

  8. It is a cool use of a Prince song. But the coolest use of a Prince song is when Prince records a great song then promotes it via television, radio, internet, and lets fans and media celebrate his great music as they like……

  9. anything related to Prince is cool , being in truth with myslef i wish i could get next cup with Controversial Prince more than with Controversial Francesco
    / ‘cus : i was in St. Peter’s Basilica thanks to Prince /:- D/ – more cus him than any pope/

    religiosis: dont take it bad if it goes very bad dear LORD , have mercy on Francesco loved by mass media 4 any time – some day he will be free from this , no cups , no good press , it will be normal

  10. I watch every episode of The Daily Show and Like its counterpart The Colbert Report even more.. was fun to see this clip.. im just wondering… how much work and money got into clearing that?

  11. There was also the reference to “I wanna be your Pope”.
    There must a serious Prince fan on Jon Stewart’s team to dig out an obscure song like “Pope”.

  12. That pope is pretty ok, he’s sending out a really positive message!

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