Watch Now! Liv Warfield Performs “Why Do You Lie?” On Fallon!

Liv Warfield The Unexpected

Liv Warfield made her National TV debut on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon performing "Why Do You Lie?" with a stageful of musicians!

Liv kil't it! Jimmy Fallon was blown away and speechless. The band was amazing!

"The Unexpected" will be in stores on 2-18-14 but you can pre-order the album now on iTunes and Amazon.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Fire....just straight fire....

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  1. I am sooo proud of Liv..I show her perform when Living in Portland Oregon in 2006…so is the real deal

  2. I Had Such A Tough Time Sleeping Last Nite! First, Doped-Up On Janelle’s AMAZING Live Concert On Vh1 & Then Liv Sitting In W/ “The Roots” On Jimmy Fallon’s Show B4 Taking Command Of The Stage…FIRST LADIES-LADIES FIRST! Liv Did OUTSTANDING 4 Her Debut! Between These 2 Ladies, My Face Hurt From Smiling So Much :-D. Really 1 Of My MAIN Disappointments About The Grammy’s Was The Absence Of JANELLE & Last Nite Proved WHY. The Concert Was BEYOND Electrifying & Last Nite, She & Liv Gave What We Love & MORE :-)!~<3

  3. A STAR is born!!!!!!

  4. Her many years with Prince have made her a completely confident and powerful singer like no other in today’s musical landscape. One thing though, how in the world is she paying all those musicians? Is Prince helping bankroll the project and are some of the musicians on Prince’s payroll??

  5. Liv is so much better on her own than being a part of a PRINCE show. She can really and truly shine the entire show. Hope she remains solo. She’s too talented to be a backing singer any longer.

  6. Wouldn’t expect anything else from Liv. Her and her band are better than even Prince with her unbridled and passionate stage presence. While Prince can be a bit too calculated and cool, Liv really let’s loose and is perfection. I’m sure Prince has learned alot from her.

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