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PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRl took over KOKO playing multiple shows and even letting some people in for free towards the end of the last show.


M Walker also had this to say about show 1: Beyond remarkable! Never disappointed! COMPLETELY worth every penny and the 4 hours queue!

Lianne La Havas guested on the first show as far as we know and Marcus Anderson played sax to “777-9311”, his first time playing it with PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL. We got a taste of what it sound like last month in Los Angeles.

Gil Deker had this to say about the first show:

Got a first balcony spot with great sight. Set list tonight was great and diversed. Highlights for me were “Something In The Water”, “FUNKNROLL” “PLECTRUMELECTRUM” and “Sign O The Times”. Prince played killer guitar and bass! Great show overall. Sound was better at King’s.

For MORE reviews of the show INCLUDING setlists, click here!!!!!

André Rigedahl attended both shows. His review is below:

3EG went for the knock out at Koko club When I heard that the queue was approaching 500 at the 1400 capacity Koko I decided it was no more time for relaxing and mentally preparing but time to hit the queue where I got queue number 777 when I got there around 2pm.

Some people, less than 10, had spent the night to be first in the line while others started queuing from 8am in the morning to be at the very front.

The few who had spent the night were rewarded and got to hear the sound-check. About 5 o’clock, a security guy walked along the queue to tell us that the tickets were going to be £70 cash at door. The doors opened around 6.30 and the queue was moving along slowly and with no incidents.

Once inside the floor seemed full so instead I went first to the 1st Floor and then to the balcony at 2nd floor next To The VIP section where the sound was clear, balanced and crisp. I could hear every note and see every move on stage. Before the show started we got to hear a few tracks from Liv Warfields new album “The Unexpected”.

Hanna, Ida and Donna then came out on stage to have the no technology talk asking the audience to focus all their energy being present at the show here and now. The show then started with “PRETZELBODYLOGIC” played On full system and Ida started to jam to The track followed by Hanna, Donna and Prince joining in. Then followed “Let’s Go Crazy” Reloaded on full effect. The band truly electrifies the stage with their presence and energy on stage.

Other highlights:

“She’s Always In My Hair” with Joshua Welton playing keyboard which added new flavors to the song.

“Something In the Water (Does Not Compute)” loong version starting with Prince on piano and adding on the full band.

“The Max” – an extended jam with Prince on bass and Marcus Anderson on saxophone.

Lianne La Havas joining 3EG and Marcus to form a super group.

The 2nd show

Straight after the first show I went with some purple friends to stand in the queue for the 2nd show. This time I first went to the floor and ended up somewhere in the back. The sound had a bit too much bass compared to the balconies but it was more energy and people dancing at the floor.

Highlights from the 2nd show

Liane la Havas and the super group sounding even better than in the first show

The sampler set: which now is not just the sample but with 3EG jamming to these samples

“When Doves Cry” a long version with the audience singing part of the chorus

“Sign O The Times”

“Nasty Girl” – with a killer solo by Hanna

“A Love Bizarre”

“777-931″1 with Prince on bass and Marcus on sax – who can ask for more?

“The Love we Make” “precious is the prayer that asks for nothing” is such a powerful and beautiful song and text and the most emotional of all the songs played.

The party never seemed to stop… At the end of the 2nd show Prince said that there were about 350 people still outside (after 2 sold out shows) and asked if anyone would like to leave in order for them to get in. They later decided to let these people in for free when there was room available.

The second show was longer than the first. It was a true “real music by real musicians” performance and experience. And a party that lasted until 1 am.

Also the audience were GREAT especially during the second show. A double knock out.

Kayum sent in this review of the 2nd show:

Prince and 3rd eye girl at koko. Qued up for hours to eventually get in for the second show.. the band kicked ass!!.

Such an intimate gig. With classics like “Bambi”, “Something In The Water” .. and “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore”..Prince thrilled a full house. His vocals were flawless as ever..however the sound at times a little distorted… A show we thought would last 90 minutes went on for almost 3 hours. A very special evening indeed.

Beautiful music, with beautiful people and a beautiful experience!


Prince Museum gets credit for 2nd show set list:

Show 2 tonight, complete setlist:
Let’s Go Crazy / Endorphinmachine / She’s Always In My Hair / The Love We Make / Take Me With U / Raspberry Beret / Guitar / Plectrum Electrum / FixUrLifeUp
Sampler set: When Doves Cry / Nasty Girl / Sign O The Times / I Would Die 4 U / Pop Life / Housequake / The Most Beautiful Girl In The World / A Love Bizarre / Love / Mr Goodnight / Breakfast Can Wait / Screams Of Passion / 17 Days / 777-9311… into FunkNRoll
Encore 1: Lost & Found (with Lianne La Havas) / Something In The Water / Purple Rain
Encore 2: Stand By Me / Play That Funky Music / Bambi
Encore 3: Crimson & Clover / Stratus / Cause & Effect
Encore 4: ScrewDriver / Dreamer
Encore 5: How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore / U Got The Look

Thanks everyone for their reviews! Will have first set list up as soon as we can!-DocFB

Diagnosis: If you were at shows, please send set list and review HERE! You can leave in comments as well. Will be updating post as we get more info.



  • ElVee
    Posted at 15:49h, 17 February

    Travelled hundreds of miles, queued from 9am, paid £70 (what happened to the much-reported £10 shows?) and then got kicked out early so that people who arrived late afternoon could enjoy a set twice as long as ours.

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  • RichardClarkRyder
    Posted at 07:04h, 17 February

    One of the most anticipated albums… waiting 4 perfection from  Prince and 3rdEyeGirl..

  • DinoRiyami
    Posted at 05:17h, 17 February

    Nice review..came all the way for the 2nd show from Brighton. What a night!

  • Immanuel6
    Posted at 22:14h, 16 February


  • soultrainvideos
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    Find setlists here —

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