Rihanna Teams Up With Kanye & Paul McCartney For “FourFiveSeconds” Listen Now!


Rihanna has released a new song entitled “FourFiveSeconds” featuring Kanye West & Paul McCartney. It was released late Saturday night with no fanfare although Kanye did tease it at an iheartradio conference Thursday.

You can purchase the song HERE.

Although the track features 3 musical heavyweights the song….is underwhelming. This isn’t just a demo right? Nope. It’s a full song. It is cool they are all working together but what happened when you did collaborations and it blew you away? Not just for the sake of hey “What people think if we recorded something together? Not something good but just recording together?”

I know from checking out social media I am in the minority here but I am just not digging it.-DocFB

Diagnosis: There is a lot of good music out there right now. I just wish the song was about “FourFiveSeconds” as I want my time back from listening to it.



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