Kanye West Releases Duet With Paul McCartney “Only One”; Kanye Fans Don’t Know Who McCartney is!?!

Kanye West & Paul McCartney Photo: Inez and Vinoodh

Kanye West released a surprise new single entitled "Only One" which features Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer and former Beatles member Paul McCartney. It seems a lot of Kanye fans have never heard of Paul until this week. Seriously.

You can listen to the new Kanye/McCartney track here. McCartney plays keys on the track.

E! News posted quite a few of Kanye's fans tweets wanting to know who McCartney was and if West discovered him. Wow.

Judging from this Twitter users other tweets, he really didn't know who The Beatles were. There is also a mention of "Wings" in the song which we are sure Kanye put in as an ode to McCartney's other band with the same name, Wings.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Silliness aside, "Only One" is a really great Kanye track.


Kimmel Gets Free Justin Timberlake & Paul McCartney Concerts For Show!

Paul McCartney & Justin Timberlake Photo: TheDailyMail.co

The late night wars are heating up as Jimmy Kimmel has booked Paul McCartney and Justin Timberlake back to back to be on his show next week.

Both concerts will shut down Hollywood Boulevard with McCartney's show being on Monday, September 23rd and then Timberlake will follow with a performance on Tuesday, September 24th.

McCartney and Timberlake will both do sit-down interviews with Kimmel before performing for what should be record-breaking crowds.

Timberlake will be doing double duty as he was announced by Jimmy Fallon to be on every Tuesday of September which Fallon called #TimberlakeTuesdays.

McCartney has a new album entitled "New" due On October 15th. Timberlake''s new album "The 20/20 Experience, 2 of 2" is due on September 30th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Arsenio was able to snag Kendrick Lamar for tonight, but leads off with Dr. Phil tomorrow. Shoulda got this Dr. instead...


Paul McCartney Announces Brooklyn Shows; Joins “Voices Against Violence”

Paul McCartney Promo Photo

Paul McCartney recorded a message for "Voices Against Violence", the anti-gun violence campaign.

The project was started by Tony Bennett and after the recorded message from Paul, they are urged to call their congressional representative.

In music news, McCartney announced he will be doing shows June 8th and June 10th at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center for his "Out There" tour.

Tickets for the shows in Brooklyn go on sale Monday, April 22nd.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will The Beatles "Revolver" be renamed?


Legendary Composer Clare Fischer Passes Away At 83

Clare Fischer File Photo
Clare Fischer File Photo

Clare Fischer File Photo

Legendary composer Clare Fischer who has worked with Prince, Paul McCartney, Celine Dion, Tori Amos, Chaka Khan, and Robert Palmer, has died at the age of 83.

His official web site has been updated with his passing.

Clare released his first recording in 1962 and during that time would make arrangements for artists such as Sergio Mendes.  In the 70's, he formed a latin band called "Salsa Picante," and won a Grammy as part of that group in 1981.  That followed with working with The Jacksons, Debarge, and Atlantic Star.

In 1985, Fischer started working with music icon Prince on his "Parade" record.  he also worked on Prince's "Pink Cashmere" "The One" and "Goodbye".  Clair and Prince continued to work together as recently as Prince's "Te Amo Corazon" released on his number 1 album "3121" recorded in 2005.  Prince heard of his writing through Rufus and Chaka Khan whose drummer was Clair's nephew.

Interestingly enough, although Prince and Clare worked with each other for over 30 years, they never met.

"I never met Prince and I was informed by people who had been with him when asked about meeting me that he said "I don't want to meet him."  It's going just fine as it is."

Clare felt the reason that him and Prince worked together for so long is because they hadn't met personally.

We have contacted Prince's people regarding a comment about Clare's passing but have not heard anything back yet.  Prince had this to say about Clare a few years ago for his work on "Parade";

"Special thanks 2 Clare Fischer 4 making brighter the colors of black & white."

Clare Fischer's talent and compositions will be heard for generations to come.  How would Clare wish to be remembered?

"I may die a poor man, but I will have a smile on my face"-Clair Fischer 1991


Diagnosis:  Sometimes It Snows In April......


Paul McCartney Announces Tour

Paul McCartney File Photo
Paul McCartney File Photo

Paul McCartney File Photo

The newly married Paul McCartney has announced a tour that will start next month.

The tour will kick off next month in Liverpool and London, as well as dates in Europe, Russia and Abu Dhabi.

This news comes days after Paul married Nancy Shevell.

The former beatle had this to say in a statement regarding the tour announcement; "Playing live is one of the most exciting parts of my job,"  "My audiences seem to get better each year and the band and I love the buzz and feedback they give us."

We are glad Paul is on tour and hope it ends up on U.S. shores soon.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Not Letting It Be In Married Matromony


Dr. Funkenberry Facebook Fan Page Blowing Up!

Dr. Funkenberry Logo

Dr. Funkenberry Logo


The fan page for Dr. FUNKENBERRY's CELEB NEWS on FACEBOOK  is blowing up!

I added exclusive photos of Green Day, No Doubt, Seal, and Nikka Costa along with photo albums we have of Janet Jackson, Paul McCartney, Nick Jonas, Seal, Prince, Morrissey, Lily Allen, John Mayer, Taylor Swift,  and there is MORE to come.

I will also be having exclusive content and news coming their first in the coming weeks.

So if you have Facebook, join NOW right HERE.

Join Now. Join Now.  Join Now.

Thank you for your support.-Dr.FB


Heather Mills Goes Kate Gosselin On Us

Heather Gosselin...I Mean Kate Mills.  Oh, You Get It! Photo: Bauergriffen.com
Heather Gosselin...I Mean Kate Mills.  Oh, You Get It! Photo: Bauergriffen.com

Heather Gosselin...I Mean Kate Mills. Oh, You Get It! Photo: Bauergriffen.com

It wasn't bad enough that i had to run into a mom who had the Kate Gosselin look at at the local Chili's a couple of weeks ago, but now Heather Mills is wearing it?  Gag!

I swear, wasn't Perez Hilton's whack self wearing that 'doo a year or two ago? Now we have to have a doppelganger of former Beatle wives wearing it?  What in the name of Karina Kay is going on over here? Seriously.

It wasn't cool that week in 1985 where some woman from Idaho wore it and it is not cool now. So Heather Mills, cut it shorter honey.  You still look like a motard.-Dr.FB