Alabama Shakes Give A Princified Performance On SNL!

Alabama Shakes Screencap NBC.com

Alabama Shakes performed for the 2nd time on Saturday Night Live this weekend and lead singer Brittany Howard rocked some Princely earrings for their performances!

They performed 2 new songs; "I Don't Want To Fight" and "Gimme All Your Love."

Both songs will be featured on "Sound & Color" due out April 21st.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Would the purple one approve of the ear bling?

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  1. She’s Phenomenal! She’s 1 Of Those Performers That Make Ya Grit Ur TEETH, It Hurts So Good!~<3

  2. A refreshing change to hear some authentic talent posted here rather the constant plastic pop of Madonna, Beyoncé and other numerous commercial artists that are so often featured here.

  3. Yes LAWD, that girl can SANG. I love them.

  4. Sorry for the typo….And I think (not Min)

  5. They are real musicians playing real music. Min think Prince should be happy to see that!

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