The artist who kicked off an amazing preview of the PIANO & A MICROPHONE tour at his Paisley Park studios in Minneapolis last month is bringing the tour to Australia & new Zealand first. This will mark Prince’s first trip back to Australia since his Welcome 2 Australia tour in 2012. As for New Zealand, Prince has NEVER performed there before? Is that right?

Update from the Dainty Group:

Prince will perform 4 shows at Melbourne State Theatre on February 16 and 17, 2 shows at the Sydney Opera House on February 20 and 2 shows at Sydney State Theatre on February 21. Prince will also perform for the very first time in New Zealand at Auckland’s ASB Theatre on February 24.

Ticket info and sales HERE.

For those blessed enough to attend, everything about these exclusive performances has been carefully considered to deliver special once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The repertoire will be culled from Prince’s vast 39-album catalogue and each performance will have a unique set-list that evolves in real time, song-to-song. Fans should expect to witness special interpretations of well-known hits alongside rarely performed B-sides and new, never-before-heard material.

In addition to classic songs from albums including 1999, Purple Rain, and Sign o’ the Times the set-lists have also featured covers by Joni Mitchell, Paul Robeson and Ray Charles; songs Prince has written for other acts including The Time, Sheila E. and Vanity 6; and even a Thelonious Monk-style version of the theme to Batman.

Tickets will go on sale for all Australian shows at 12 noon AEDT on Tuesday February 9, 2016 and for the New Zealand shows at 12 noon NZDT on Thursday February 11, 2016. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

We will keep you updated right here on info!

New Zealand and Australia… I even have to ask? ARE U READY????-DocFB

Diagnosis: This tour is a can’t miss. No matter how many times U may have seen him before…U have never seen him like this!!!!!!!




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  2. Anonymous

    NO PERTH!!!! Did any of the promoters knows that there is millions of people living in Western Australia and that we constantly missing out on the great PRINCE. I know!!! They don’t care!

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks Funkenberry love your work as always….in the days of ticket stress that lie ahead I will be checking back at your twitter often!!

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  5. Atsuko UMI

    U and NZ fans congrats! Must see this amazing show.
    Japan is waiting Prince for long time. Last visit was 2002, can’t believe?

  6. Anonymous

    AU and NZ fans congrats! Must see this amazing show.
    Japan is waiting Prince for long time. Last visit was 2002, can’t believe?

  7. Anonymous

    Would LOVE to see him here in Adelaide!!! Although I’m not sure he’d come here if the schedule is anything like the last tour…
    Either way I’m so excited for this!!

  8. Chrushin

    Cool he is coming to Australia and New Zealand but according to former posts i thought that Europe will be next.

  9. prb

    Please come to hobart! MONA would be fantastic venue…even George clinton has played there.

  10. Anonymous

    Can only assume that Adelaide, where I live, will not be part of the tour.
    We always miss out on alot of artists of this calibre.

  11. Michelle Jb

    I love Prince. But I cannot lie, his last tour to Australia was an epic let-down for me. I bought floor seats and to get mainly Purple Rain and Parade for a $400 price tag broke my heart. Than the NEXT night to do a set of b-sides and slow jams and album cuts PLUS the after party in Sydney? I felt so cheated.

    He blew my mind in Brisbane with the Thunder Tour. Last tour whatever. But if it’s just him and a piano, I may have to go. Still, we’ll see as that last show really broke my heart with disappointment…

  12. Barbara

    READY!!! Let’s go crazy!!

    You’re right, I don’t think he’s ever performed in New Zealand so they’re in for a fabulous treat!

    This is the best news ever! Can’t wait to see him 🙂

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