Minnesota State Fair To “Unite In Purple” & Celebrate PRINCE August 26th

Prince NPG Records 2011

Just a few days before his former backing band The Revolution headline First Avenue for 3 straight shows, the Minnesota state fair will celebrate PRINCE August 26th with an event they are calling “Unite In Purple” with tributes to the music icon.

All people attending the state fair that day are encouraged to wear Prince gear or dress in purple from 5 p.m. til close on August 26th.

The events planned are:

Prince music and tributes throughout the park,

a lasertainment show,

and a “Prince Party in the Park” with music and dancing at Carousel Park led by Prince’s personal DJ, GenerationNOW’s Dudley D.

“The idea is to get people together around the one icon that transcended generations and cultures and communities and ages,” said fair spokeswoman Brienna Schuette. “He was a person who brought everybody together and the fair is a place that brings people together.”

It is kind of cool but the “Party In The Park” had me thinking about Paisley Park and partying with Prince himself. You can’t go wrong with DJ Dudley D though.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Speaking of Paisley Park, there were rumors last week that it was to be sold. As we told you though, there will be properties sold, but NOT Paisley Park.



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