American Idol Season 8 Week 2 Elimination: Not an Easy One.

Alexis Grace

Alexis Grace

After tonight, we will have the next American Idol tour group. This is the worst week for someone, because they have come so close to making it on the tour, and they fall short by one. Let’s find out what happens tonight. That is after the vinette from last night and a group country song.

There was a lot of back and forth tonight about how they feel about the whole thing.

First up is Danny, Lil, and Anoop who make it through. Then they finish the back row with Allison and Mike. Normally, one has to go to the bottom three and one sits. In the end, they are both in the bottom three with one seat left. I’m not surprised by this.

After that, they take a break and Brad Paisley sings his new single “Then”. Wasn’t a bad performance. Obviously, he is loved, he is an Opry member. I don’t know country, so I can’t agree.

Next we go to the bottom row. Scott, Megan, Matt, and Kris are safe. Which leaves it up to Alexis and Adam to go to the bottom three. Now we know for sure, only one of them will be on the chopping block, and one will sit. Last night, America chose Alexis. That one I agree with totally. As we know, I didn’t think Allison or Mike would be in the bottom three, but I’m really not surprised. They were good, but they could have been a whole lot better.

Now we have Allison, Alexis, and Mike in the bottom three. So they drag them all to the middle and right away, Ryan sends Allison back to safety. However, before we get to hear who is going home, this week’s mentor, Randy Travis, and Carrie Underwood perform “I Told You So”. It was a very pretty song, and they have great voices, but again, country, not my thing. Still nice though.

After that, we get to the final results. And America voted Mike safe and Alexis is going home. Will the judges save her? Before the results were announced, they did mention there was one they would consider saving. After the results were announced, Simon stated that she was the one they were thinking about saving and it would all have to do with her final performance. After she sang, they finally decided that she is not getting the save, and she does go home.

You know, I may not have guessed the bottom three too well, but the one I did get right is going home. Still don’t think she was the worst.




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