American Idol 8: Week 3 Eliminations: Can it not be about the judges?

Michael Sarver

Michael Sarver

Last night, the top ten did better than I expected with Motown, but in my opinion, there were some very clear losers. The question is did America agree with me? We will find out tonight, even though we will waste a whole hour before we find out for sure. I can just hope the performances tonight will be worth watching.

Before we get into the results, because I have to sit through the vignette and the group song, I want to talk about Simon and Paula. Last night, during the judges segment, Simon was getting on Paula’s nerves, and she pulled out a box of crayons and coloring books for him. Obviously she planned it, but I have to say, I thought it was kinda funny, but I am really just annoyed that this season the producers have decided to make it more about the personalities on the show, and not as much about the contestants. From the incessant intros on performance night, to letting the judges just bring all the focus on them. This includes the point later in the show when Simon took out a crayon and colored a mustache on Paula. At that point the joke was over, and I think they need to make the show about who it is supposed to be about, the contestants. OK, now I am off my high horse, so let’s talk about the show.

As usual, they started with the Ford music video. I really now want to see Scott get to the top two, just so I can laugh at the show when they give him a new car. I know I can’t be alone in this, right? Again, this show does not need to be an hour, and they prove that by pulling Ruben Studdard out right away to sing his single “Together”. Maybe on this one I am alone, but at this point, Ruben is considered a professional, right? Then why is it, that when he sings his own single, he can’t stay on key? I’m just saying. Finally, after all that, they get into it. First up, we have Adam being safe and Matt going into the bottom three. That last bit, I don’t understand. Matt was great, and shouldn’t be there. Afterwards, Kris is safe and it comes to Lil and Mike to go head to head and complete the back row. Naturally, Lil is safe which puts it on Mike to be the second in the bottom three. Man, have a segment and they already finished half the group. Wow, I’m telling you, I totally now understand why this show is a whole hour. They clearly need al that time to get through all the contestants.

Half the group is done, half is left, and we take a well deserved break from the suspense to hear Smokey Robinson and Joss Stone sing “You’re the One For Me”. As much as I complain about how this show wastes time, I think the mentors performance is worth seeing. Especially when the incredible Smokey Robinson gets up and sings. Honestly, they are giving their time to help these guys out, the least the show can do is give them an opportunity to promote their own stuff.

Next we have Allison making it through, along with Anoop, and Danny. That leaves Scott and Megan up for a head to head for the final seat in the bottom three. In the end Megan is safe and Scott is the last in the bottom three. Tonight bottom three are Scott, Matt, and Mike. Two out of three I agree with. Matt should not be there at all. As always, they send one back right away, and as much as it should be Matt, the producers decide it should be Scott. Still don’t agree with this.

Before we find out who the person going home is, we do have an astonishing medley of Motown hit sung by the great Stevie Wonder. Yes, another waste of time, but a worthwhile one. Maybe I am just selfish in my wastes of time, but seriously, If Stevie Wonder agrees to perform, you let the man go. I would have been totally fine with hearing forty five minutes of Stevie, and then cram the results in at the end. That is a waste of time I can absolutely get behind.

Finally, we get to the results and find out that America made the right choice and sends Mike home. Which means Matt is safe, and Mike gets to sing one last time and pray the judges waste their save on him.  Thankfully, they don’t waste it, and Mike is now gone. Thank god for small favors, even though the judges dropped the ball and forgot to make a decision in time, leaving it entirely up to Simon. I’m just happy he is a smart guy when it matters.


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