American Idol Season 8: The rock concert continues, but not for one.

Allison Iraheta


Allison Iraheta


Top four performed rock songs last night with the help of Slash, and tonight we find out who will go home. It's just a matter of sitting back and waiting an hour to find out, but really, do we need a whole hour? Apparently, according to the Idol producers, we do. Although, tonight, I may agree. No Doubt and Chris Daughtry will be performing tonight. That is a lineup I can get behind. Breaking again from tradition, the group performance is also featuring the mentor from last night, Slash. The guy has not lost a thing in his playing. In my eyes, Slash revolutionized the guitar solo, and tonight, he showed us how.

Now, before we get to the results, we get a performance of "I'm Just Here For the Music" from our very own Paula Abdul. I have to say, I was impressed. It's good to see her sober and painfree. She handled herself amazingly well. Some of the moves she was doing, I don't think she would have done, even last year. I loved Paula when I was growing up, hell I danced along with some of her songs, so it makes me happy to see her back to where she should be.

Still no results, but that's ok, because next we get "I'm Just a Girl" from No Doubt. Yet another group I grew up with. I always loved Gwen, and I loved her solo stuff, but god damn it, it's awesome to see her punking it out again with the whole band. No Doubt was one of those bands that hit me right at the time that I REALLY started to get into music. Back when I played bass, one of my top inspirations was Tony Kanal. I would love to see them perform, but even if not, I will definitely buy the next album.

After that we find out that Kris is the first of the group to be safe and in the top three. That took a whole block to announce, and then they came back to a debut performance of "No Surprise" by Daughtry. You know, if every results show for Idol was this good, I would not complain as much. After that performance, I am excited to buy the new album. I probably would have bought it anyways, but still, awesome.

Finally, with five minutes to go, they get to the rest of the results. Next to be safe is Adam. Which leaves Danny and Allison in the middle. thankfully there is no time left to fluff, so they get right to it Danny is safe. That means Allison is going home tonight. I think that was the right choice. No one should be sad for her, she will absolutely have an album. That's it tonight folks. I will see you all next week.

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  1. Simon Cowell is soooo bad, still funny to watch him take people down though

  2. I’m backing Kris Allen ALL the way!

    He’s way ahead of the others in talent and looks the most comfortable on the stage. Plus he’s the sexiest which helps.
    The American public would be stupid to let him slip through their hands.
    Good Luck Kris!

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