Your First Look: Andy Allo’s “People Pleaser” Teaser Video

I just got an email from Andy Allo who released a teaser for the "People Pleaser" video that debuted at The Sayers Club last week.

A little taste... to make sure you're ready... Are you?-Andy Allo

I can testify the video is funky. I cannot wait for all of you to see the full version.

For now, enjoy the teaser that Andy has put out of "People Pleaser" off of her upcoming CD "Superconductor" due for release....November 20th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I thought I was the People Teaser....

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  1. Josh you’re too funny! You thought you were the People Teaser. Lol!

  2. hmmm – real prince song! with bad voicing!! can’t understand………!!

  3. I’d be much more “Pleased” with an ‘All Prince Entertainment Network’; where Prince would broadcast anything he wanted whenever he wanted. Yes, ‘broadcast’; as in television/radio/internet/pay-per-view……

  4. Andy could be the most successful Prince protege… We will have to wait and see. Like the song and Andy is cool. Wishing her the very best..

  5. This looks great!

  6. Great song. But why on earth tease with a video that looks low budget? Carpet from npgmc? The AA logo comes off on bass drum? Andy growling at the beginning? Anyway, good luck Andy Allo!!

  7. Wow bellygowow, We all grow through out our lives very closed minded of you to think Andy can not. Always lessons to learn, something new to learn each day.

    Go for your dreams andy, keep away from negativity. You will never be liked by all, surround yourself with people that care and enjoy life’s journey. constructive criticism is healthy but ignore those that give it with Malice.

  8. Sounds funky, band is tight. Stop teasing and release video in full lol

  9. sorry, song is pure prince, great band and great instrumentation. but allo is really NOTHING!!!! sorry, too bad this chick! from nothing can nothing grow! it’s a pitiy for the song, that this chick is singing…….:-(

  10. Extremely cool! very nice.

  11. wow. prince is all over it.

  12. Niiiiccccceeeee. Thanks ‘J’ for posting. Love how some of the band members get that ‘solo’ shine. Love the way the horn section gets to shine and do their thing too. Looks like a cool vid :)

  13. Sweet!

  14. Did not know it would be that funky….got’s to get it now!

  15. People you should listen to “Crush on you” by Lill Kim

  16. What a tease! I want more!

  17. Can’t wait to see the full version

  18. Very impressed. Betty Wright can’t go wrong! Nice editing. The horns, a very good balance of many good things coming together. I love Prince’s wisdom in this, Betty Wright, Chaka Khan, Larry Graham, Sylvester, Tina Turner & many others. If music was wine, the 70’s produced the finest. I think Prince’s inner musical compass has landed on that golden period from 1970-1979 and let’s cross our fingers that more of this richly produced funk is yet to come in the form of a new album. I’ve been listening to Jackie Moore and learning about her. That and Shabazz Palaces.

  19. Lookin 4ward 2 this release..Andy is very fine in person…I can c Y Prince is so in awe of her & her personality is beautiful inside & out,,,,It really shines through. She is a stara. Ironic that Prince single ‘RNR Love affair” is being released the day b4 her album..Can’t wait 4 both….

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