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Drfunkenberry.com Needs Your Help!

Hello Friends, Family, Readers, and Community

Drfunkenberry.com is an INDEPENDENT entertainment web site focusing mostly on Music but also covering Television, Movies, and Entertainment News, and Gossip.

Having to keep up with and hopefully get ahead of such sites as TMZ and Perez Hilton, I need YOUR help. The game has changed and the site needs to be revamped and the visibility of the site has to be improved.

I've been trying to do it myself but it is obvious I need YOUR help to make the site better and to be able to continue running the site. I LOVE running the site and providing information and posts for you each day. The costs of running it and being able to compete is becoming harder however.

Drfunkenberry.com has provided exclusive content on artists such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Adam Lambert, No Doubt, Nikka Costa, Green Day, and others. I want to still be able to provide you with exclusive music from these artists including interviews, videos, insider tips, and much more.

Also, there is something else; my health.

I am a diabetic.

In the past 6 months, my health has deteriorated. I have been having pains and spasms with my legs and feet that just have not stopped, and I cannot stand for long periods of time at all.

I do not have medical coverage and have not seen a doctor since this has begun because of not having insurance. The pain is quite serious. I have been able to keep the diabetes under control with weight loss in the past but have been putting more money into the site than my health to make it succeed. I understand though, in order to make the site even more successful, I need my own personal health to succeed as well.

Through this fundraising page, I'm asking for your help. Here is your opportunity to help make a difference So if you would be inspired or inclined to help out the site, and I would be extremely grateful.

Please consider giving an amount that is meaningful to you. I'm grateful for anything--even if it’s only $5.

(You can donate using PayPal by clicking the "Donate button below)

Love and Funk from Drfunkenberry....

Comments (13)
  1. Johnny gave some excellent advice. I totally agree with him. I would also like to add that cinnamon and peanuts (believe it or not) are helpful in regulating your blood sugar.

  2. Dr. Funkenberry you need to focus and prioritise.

    Eat healthy
    No processed food
    Only eat Organic vegetables and fruit

    Exercise – whatever you can do, in whatever form you feel ok with
    Loose weight!!!
    If you are overweight your condition will get worse
    Get fit, do whatever you can do, eat less, eat better and get some exercise

    Drink water
    Cleanse your body

    Take vitamines and minerals
    Make sure your body gets everything it needs in terms of nutrients

    Eat food that will improve your condition
    Food that will balance your sugar level in the body
    Only eat food with a low GI (so no sugar, candy, white bread, white rice or anything white on the plate…)

    Family, Friends, Love
    Website, parties, etc.

    Hope you get better soon and that you get your priorities in order :)
    All the best!

    Stay focused.

  3. Hey Dr., I’m diabetic also and I know the challenges it can bring. I want to help and I’m also praying for you. Hang in there, my friend.

  4. Doc, get better. I will be making my donation. I have also posted your message on my fb page. I am also a diabetic. Get a medical card, this is a tricky, deadly disease.

  5. Priority, Priority, Priority!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows health comes first before anything else. I know running a site is like running a buisness, but if you are not well enough to run a buisness how will the site last? Ur health should have been taken care of before it got to the point its at now and before it gets worse (amputations). So even if that means shutting down the site to figure a plan for health insurance, so be it.

  6. I would be glad to donate a song. Proceeds to DrF
    Save the funk with the funk.dig?

  7. Feel better Doc. Hope my small donation helps!

  8. Please take care of you.. Made my donation, being diabetic is very scary you shouldn’t put a web site over your own health , please get to a dr, clinic, medicaide, ASAP.. Feel better prayers are with you!

  9. Juice you fat fuck – no soda, no processed shit – fruit and vegetables, juice it!

  10. Done, but take care of your health ‘first’, and the rest will come later.

  11. Can we send some Krispy Kremes instead ?

  12. So very sorry to hear about your health issues Dr…I will b hitting that “donate” button ASAP…we got to help to keep it funky!

  13. Sorry to hear about your health issues. Hope you feel better soon.

    I’ve heard doctors make terrible patients. Be nice to the medical staff and follow your doctor’s orders.


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