NBA Fines Kobe Bryant $100,000 For Gay Slur; Doesn’t Apologize But Appeals

Kobe Bryant. Photo: L.A. Times Magazine
Kobe Bryant. Photo: L.A. Times Magazine

Kobe Bryant. Photo: L.A. Times Magazine

Kobe Bryant,  who was seen mouthing the words "F'ng F*g" at Tuesdays game after a referee called him for a technical foul, was fined $100,000 by the NBA.  Kobe is appealing the fine.  No suspension was given to Bryant.  Not sure if it is now the regular season is over and it's playoffs, or they never intended on suspending him.

Kobe is already appealing the fine and saying it is "standard protocol" and added:  "The concern that I have is for those that follow what I say ... look to me as a role model .. for them not to take what was said as a message of hate or a license to degrade ... or to embarrass or tease ... because that's something I don't wanna see have happen."  ""It's OK to be who you are."
He made those comments earlier to ESPN radio.  He did not apologize for saying it however.

P.S. we posted the photo above to show this is not the "gayest" think Kobe has ever done.

Should Kobe apologize for his verbal outburst?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The Doc NEVER Uses The "N" Word Or That "F" Word


Another Mistress Pops Up For Tiger

Devon James.
Devon James.

Devon James.

He really is going to have one ho for each hole in a golf course.  Is this mistress 16 or 17?  I lost count because the women were so ugly, not that it makes it OK to cheat, mind you.

Devon James, an adult entertainer...and we will leave it at that has now stepped forward and admitted to hooking up with Tiger Woods.   She is a little late to the game, but still.

Tiger paid her $2,000 to have sex with her and another woman for a threesome that Tiger wanted.

So, is anyone surprised?  Just how many more have we not heard of?  I can honestly say I know one more who has not stepped forward yet and will not.-Dr.FB


Adrienne Bailon Photo Scandal: Playboy Offers $100,000

Adrienne Bailon Coming To Playboy Soon?  File Photo
Adrienne Bailon Coming To Playboy Soon?  File Photo

Adrienne Bailon Coming To Playboy Soon? File Photo

The Adrienne Bailon Nude Photo Scandal has taken two interesting turns.

1st, her old assistant says that the photos were planned to be leaked all along and came from her T-Mobile Sidekick, NOT her laptop computer.  The assistant said with Cheetah Girls ending soon, she wanted to sex up her image.

2nd, Playboy has stepped up to the table and offered Adrienne $100,000 to pose nude for Playboy. 

My thoughts?  Wether they were leaked on purpose or not, the photos are out there.  One way to make the photos not a big deal?  Pose nude for Playboy.  You will get money for your backside being put all over the Internets.  I am sure after this week, a lot more people know who Adrienne is.  Use this to your advantage and it obviously will get you more exposure for roles. 

It is easy for me to say, but I think you should do it.  Heaven knows, you are beautiful, but it is your body, your decision.-Dr.FB