Extra! Extra! Prince To Release New CD Via Newspaper; WB Update


Prince's new CD 20Ten (some title) will be released first through a Belgium newspaper on July 10.  An interview took place with the newspaper which teases the release.

Other newspaper deals may follow as deals were trying to be reached.  Warner Bros. was mentioned as releasing the CD to other countries not participating in the newspaper giveaway.  More than likely that means the U.S. as when he did the giveaway before, the U.S. was not part of it.

As we previously reported, Prince met with Warner Bros. Records on Tuesday, and the distribution deal appears to already be in place.  We have learned what was discussed was the deal, but also something else.  So, this distribution deal could actually lead to something else.  Hmm.   I still want a live DVD.

Tuesday night, Prince attended a show by Cassandra Wilson in Hollywood.  As we mentioned before, he is in town for the BET Awards this Sunday where he is recieveng the Lifetime Achievement Award, but is not performing.

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  1. Dont hold your breath for remasters. If we get anything of the sort they will be butchered to death considering his current beliefs! Such a shame……

  2. Great news Doc & I knew a new CD was in the pipeline! Great to see he is using both his alternative distribution (newspapers) and WB (label) channels to get new music to the people. Let’s just hope a consistent global distribution so all countries benefit, followed by a world tour!

    PS. Love the name 20Ten!

  3. Thanks for the info Doc! Surely he will jam with someone before Sunday and you will let us know about it, right?

  4. New Prince music!! YES!!!

  5. Sounds like a plan…looking 4ward 2 the new CD!!! Thanks Dr!

  6. Can’t wait to get my hands on the cd. Love Prince!

  7. I want him to know i really have enjoyed this most recent journey of hs and look forward to the next. I’d like to work with him someday, but, i’ll love him forever.

  8. Thanks Doc for the information — I can’t wait to hear more new music form Prince — I hope whatever deal he has planned works out well for the fans everywhere .

  9. i wouold also love a live dvd essp montroux but now im ready for the hot summer to begiin bring on 20ten oh and if anyone in belgium is reading this can u hook a brother up with a extra copy?

  10. Good news Doc but u know what Doc……a new DVD would be Cool but i know something that would be 10000 better than a new DVD or a New Album…….The Re-issue of the WB/Prince Back catalogue…..so Hurry up Doc….give a phne to Prince & Tell Him Loud……………………………………………….WE WANT HIS REMASTERS RELEASE !!!!!!!!


  11. Do people still read newspapers??

  12. This is gr8 news. I knew it was going 2 b something big with his meeting with WB. I hope the Montreux DVD is coming @ Brechten. I am really loving that he is dealing with WB again. It means something else big is going to happen to

  13. Thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to seeing what else takes place with this new CD and where WB falls into all of this.

  14. Thanks

  15. We still want remasters

  16. Btw doc, speaking of a live dvd.
    In the interview with the belgian interviewer he says thay they’ve watched his montreux dvd together :p

  17. Perhaps this is the same CD that was supposed to be in the July 2010 issue of Ebony Magazine.

  18. Great news ! Who knows? Maybe that will heal a poorly divided country!

  19. cool thanx 4 sharing

  20. Thnx Doc…………..your the Bomb…..Peace

  21. So it’ll be released in Belgium on July 10. Any word on when it’ll drop here?

  22. Thanks Doc … :0)

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