Video: Amy Winehouse Performing With Prince “Love Is A Losing Game”


If anyone has any better footage of this performance, let us know as we would like to share it. 

Musically, this performance rocks.  We hope you enjoy it as it is now music history and can never happen again.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Our Favorite Guitar Player

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  1. I shot that footage!!! [Andy Kaufman]Sorry it’s not better you know[/Andy Kaufman], but I had to do it under the radar as best as possible. That’s my melodious voice asking ‘any bouncers watching me?’ at 1:11 (sorry again). Amazed to see the footage turn up here. Would love to see some kind of official release.

  2. Does Prince still film every performance? too bad it wasn’t on the Indigo Nights cd from the 21 Nights book

  3. One can certainly hear and feel emotion emitting from both Prince’s guitar and Amy’s sultry, soulful voice.

    Thanks, Doc.

  4. Hope you don’t remove this one Dr. F, I did not know Amy was a Jew, otherwise I would have never ever brought Mel Gibson into the story, sorry Amy, Rest in Peace,

  5. One of my favourite moments from the 21 Nights in London shows, so glad I was there to see it.

  6. Great performance by two incredible artists! RIP Miss Winehouse.

  7. That was delicious!

  8. A Time stealing classic….R.I.P. AMY

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