Unreleased PRINCE Movie Trailer Leaks!~

So around the time PRINCE was making 3121: The Music, he was also making 3121: The Movie.....which never saw the light of day.....until now. 

It's on Cameron Pearce's page although a majority of the movie was shot by Sanna Hamri.

The movie was renamed "Lotus Flower" and was to be released on the website LotusFlow3r.com back in April of 2009.  Before the site went live however, the movie was taken off the site.

The Doc saw something close to the final cut before, but the footage of the song "Guitar" was added along with a different shot of the video "3121" and added were the shots of him walking the streets of Los Angeles.

You tired of me talking n want to see the trailer?

Click HERE!

Click HERE!

Click HERE!

Let me know what you think...before it disappears.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Something 4 the Die hards.....

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  1. Wow, wow and wow! I would love to see this one day, even if it was an uneven film. It’s just interesting to know, let alone see what’s in the Vault. All that money Prince could be making but, hey, it’s his life and career.

  2. Another masterpiece in the “Vault.” Hey Prince, what’s the fun with having a box of goodies and no one to share them with? *Message*

  3. Hmmmm……this version is VERY different than the footage I saw of the Lotus Flower movie. Yes, most of the beginning, especially the music portions have been added in.

    I don’t usually share, but it’s Sunday and I feel like giving a little, so here is what I know….
    The “Movie” was to be part Documentary and part Fiction. Parts of the theme I remember was how someone ( If I remember correctly it was his Brother & Employees) who worked for him was ripping him off. NO LIE, he had a big black guy in the film playing his brother. I remember another scene of a discussion being held, which was shot at the Ivy in LA. The Docu. part is shot like shown in this “trailer” with ppl. talking about the shoot and not really knowing what they are going to shoot, etc. It is “behind the scenes” style footage. It did show quit a bit of Liza, I specifically remember her talking about how great prince was to work with and how honored she was and she showed off her very long false eyelashes! I’m sure the footage of Prince walking down the street was shot when he went to Panama with her. This was not in the the footage I saw. Then in the version I saw, was the the “Million Days” video…again starring Liza.

    Do you see a pattern here? Remember how “Purple Rain” was very much “Auto-Biographical”? Well, Lotus Flower is kinda the same……… Tormented relationship where Prince is getting the shaft (in here it’s by his brother & employees)….then there is the beautiful babe that he is after (Liza). The difference is when he was filming this “movie” he was a married man and was not suppose to be after another woman (which was not only in a “make believe” movie). This is why I think the movie never saw the light of day…a little TOO MUCH LIZA going on in many ways!

    On top of that when they showed it to the Execs. at a private screening and then asked what they thought…they all said the same thing…..”We don’t get it”! I have to say, the movie did not flow and really didn’t have a clear defined point to it. Unless you knew Prince and could understand what he was trying to say in his own weird cryptic way, the movie would never make any sense!

    Doc. what version did you see?

    I would like to see this full version f the movie….IF he ever finished it!

  4. I knew it was a 3121 movie……I guess Prince is saving it 4 a purple day in the sky……That vault has some amazing rarities in it. I wonder why he decided 2 put a halt 2 the 3121 project. It looked promising…….. i guess we will never know.. or will we?…

  5. *Prays that it will be released*

  6. NPT maybe Michael and Sonny…

  7. well that certainly looked like it would have been a interesting watch. damn

  8. How long is the original movie?

  9. cool thanx for sharing i wish i had a computer to watch 🙁 hope it gets released in stores

  10. “Coming soon”
    If I got a penny for every Prince project that had those words written over it but that never got released, I’d be loaded.

  11. Thanks Doc, I really appreciate this upload and back-round info. What confuses me is that this is one of the MANY things that are in the vault. I love the music, video and images Prince ‘gives’ us but, it’s very hard to comprehend why he doesn’t ‘release it’, ‘sell it’, to us ???

    Things like this leave me scratching my head …

  12. I agree with you , Doc. A Millions Days video IS amazing.

  13. 2 Words
    RELEASE IT!!!!!

  14. Tell me a story…
    “Once upon a time, there was a Prince, he was very talented, challenging (handsome too 🙂
    This Prince used to say : succes come to those who are willing to take chances “(or smthg like that)

    Well i miss this Prince !
    It’s great to do hit & run tour, sing songs that evreybody knows and love, but i see more challenge in showing update (even 2007 ) projects..

    So come on Prince show us what you’ve been working on latetly, this video looks great, i want more !

    Peace and b wilde

    Charade (from Paris erotic city 😉

  15. Sweet.
    Thanks for posting, doc.
    Much Love
    Much Love Prince

  16. Christopher….

    It included 3121, The Word, Acoustic version of Love, Incense & Candles, The Morning After, and The Dance.

    This new “final” cut like I previously stated features “Guitar” which was filmed with 2 other videos at Paisley Park early 2009.

    Also in the movie…..the New Power Trio…..(someone’s knocking on my door..I may have said too much….)

  17. Another purple project which went straight to The Vault ? Looks nice thought, does it include all the videos from “3121” ? Funny to see this trailer surface just now…

  18. The “A Million Days” video shoot turned into a movie shoot…….

    BTW, “A Million Says” is an amazing video. Would love to put on here “officially”….ahem…

  19. Very nice. It would be very awesome if the “movie” were to be released. Nice to see that Prince was working on something like this a few years ago even though he didn’t put it out there.

    I recognized the little girl from the Million Days video. She’s cute as a button.

  20. More than likely…Gaininja…I believe you are right.

  21. I wonder if it’s ever going to see the light of day… It’s not like Prince to look back into the past.

  22. The people at the launch party at the house saw a portion of it as it was on the globe that hosted various msuic videos thru Prince’s career.

  23. Infuriating that he removed what would have been the only real worthwhile part of LotusFlower.com
    This guy is tough to follow.
    Love the trailer.

  24. What do you mean? If you could be more clear please? Thank you….

  25. Doc,
    what was the full length of this movie ?

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