Adam Lambert & Boyfriend Attend Funhouse

Adam Lambert & Boyfriend Drake Labry, Photo:PacificCoastnewsOnline.com

Adam Lambert & Boyfriend Drake Labry, Photo:PacificCoastnewsOnline.com

Adam Lambert & boyfriend Drake Labry attended Pink's "Funhouse" tour which hit the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Y'll feeling Drake's shoes?

Adam's CD will be dropping on November 24th and it is being reported by Rolling Stone that he wrote a song with American Idol judge Kara and it is entitled "Strut" and if it has any controversial value like Kara being on the show, it should be a hit. If not, it will be forgotten, kind of like that American Idol has a 4th judge.

I am not saying, I am just sayin'.-Dr.FB

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  1. adam lambert he sould be happy im happy for him

  2. great to see adam lambert Boyfriend Back

  3. they are soooooooooooooooooo dirty

  4. The notes he can hit are amazing! What’s not to love!

  5. Adam seems very happy. He is on the top of the world right now. He is a very talented singer and having a song co-written with Kara spells hit. And, I do love the gold shoes.

  6. Adam Lambert got a very powerful voice that should have been enough for him to win American Idol. unfortunately, he did not win.

  7. They are a very good looking couple. Those shoes Drake is wearing are very funky. I’m looking forward to Adam’s new CD.

  8. *looks closely* that looks like a symbol tat on Drake’s chest.

  9. They look happy. Isn’t that what everyone wants.
    Oh and I vote yes on the matching pants!

  10. R they wearing the same pants?

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