Lady Gaga Performs “Applause” On MTV VMA’s! Watch Now!

Doc is all about the “Applause” as well…..bring it! Lady Gaga performed “Applause” at the MTV Video Music Awards and by the end of her performance…she wasn’t wearing a whole lot! Her performance was great but I know she can be even better. ¬†She raised the bar so high for herself is why I say […]

Watch Now! Lady Gaga’s Unique Video For #Applause

Lady Gaga has released “Applause” her first music video in 2 years and it is unique to say the least but will it gain her any new fans? From turning into a swan and her always interesting outfits, gaga makes a fun video. We wonder though; will it put off people who haven’t exactly been […]

Watch Now! Lady Gaga #Applause Lyric Video!

Lady Gaga has released a lyric video for #Applause with the full video to be released 12 days from now. It is a fun video that was just shot 2 days ago…not even 48 hours! Gotta give it to Gaga as the song was released early and this pushed up the time-table to make things […]

Yowza! Lady Gaga Goes Ass Out For #Applause

Lady Gaga is back….and has back. If you didn’t see enough of her body in that video last week, she made sure you got a look at her ass. Shall you hold your “Applause” for Gaga? “Applause” was released a week early due to leaks and can be heard everywhere. We like the song better […]