Yowza! Lady Gaga Goes Ass Out For #Applause

Lady Gaga Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

Lady Gaga is back....and has back. If you didn't see enough of her body in that video last week, she made sure you got a look at her ass. Shall you hold your "Applause" for Gaga?

"Applause" was released a week early due to leaks and can be heard everywhere. We like the song better than someone else's song who was released a day or 2 before. We LOVE them both but have to be real.

Lady Gaga Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

As we reported last night, Gaga took Micky's in West Hollywood last night to shoot her lyric video for "Applause" and we posted a few things from it on our Twitter feed last night.

If you haven't heard "Applause" yet (What is wrong with you?!?!) and also want a close up of Gaga's back side, click here....

Lady Gaga Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

Aside from the redness, Gaga's butt is in great shape, especially following hip replacement surgery.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We would tell PH to kiss it, but that would be too good for said person. Go on Gaga!

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  1. The”redness”??!!?? Smh
    Gaga= meh

  2. Who is PH?

  3. I kind of love the verse sections of the song but then the hook goes all rhianna …too bad she didnt commit to the early bowie-esque feel through the whole song but its still fun 🙂 …

    oh, and yeah her butt looks insane – you go gaga …maybe this her cher/bowie period? 🙂 i love me some gaga.

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