Mariah Carey Feels Idol Is Unsafe With Nicki Minaj On The Show

American Idol Judges Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

Mariah Carey took to Nightline with Barbara Walters to express her displeasure with Nicki Minaj's threats towards her. It appears that during promotion for Idol this week, things are still heated between the divas.

We are sure Mariah wishes that she would not have signed on to do "American Idol" til the other judges were named instead of signing the contract first. Sometimes, $18 million is not worth it when you are worth over a $100 million.

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Justin Bieber Flirts With Barbara Walters

Pop star Justin Bieber was on The View this morning where he performed "Never Let You Go" and sat down with the ladies for an interview.

During the interview, Elizabeth Hasselbeck asked Justin what kind of girls he's into. He replied that he liked people "like Barbara Walters" which got a lot of giggling from the ladies and prompted a hilariously dry response from Whoopi (who looked totally bored through the whole segment).

"He looks like a fascinating person to me," Whoopi deadpanned in reference to Barbara's Fascinating People tv specials. Oh Whoopi, we do love you.

Justin also talked about how he deals with the rush of fame and life on the road with his Mom and Grandmother. G'damn, the boy is young!

Justin will appear on The View again tomorrow, performing his new single “Baby” off his forthcoming album "My World 2.0". Check out today's performance below. -Dr.FB


Lady Gaga Barbara Walters Interview

Here is the Barbara Walters interview last night with Lady Gaga. It was for the 10 Most Fascinating People Of 2009 Special.

How did Lady Gaga come off to you?-Dr.FB


Adam Lambert Barbara Walters Interview

Here is the Barbara Walters interview with Adam Lambert on the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009.

Check It out.-Dr.FB


Video: Tori Spelling On View About Mother Candi

Tori Spelling talked about her strained relationship with Candi Spelling on "The View". The girls were right when they said time is short and this feud is straight riduculous.

Must be nice to promote the book and then just talk about your mom.  Lots of patience right there but this drama so needs to end. 

Tori says Candi needs to reach out but Candi says she has been trying.

Who is telling the truth?-Dr.FB


Elizabeth Hasslebeck Backs Barack Obama

It's great and all, but how sincere do you think she is? After all these months, it's hard. Barack's speech was powerful, so only time will tell.-Dr.FB