Mariah Carey & Miguel’s “Beautiful” Video Just Isn’t….

Mariah Carey & Miguel

A song as good as “Beautiful” by Mariah Carey & Miguel deserves an amazing video. Unfortunately, it didn’t get one.

Mariah looks hot. That’s great. Miguel is looking cool. We could have seen that in photos and not in a video format.

If they spent more than an hour making this video, I will be surprised. 45 minutes looking for a location…and 15 minutes with Mariah posing and Miguel smiling.

Miguel, buddy. I LOVE your style…but you need to find your own identity. This whole riding on a motorcycle like your Prince and Mariah like she is Apollonia from “Purple Rain” is just too much. You are about to break out tremendously in the next year and a half. Big time! Avoid doing anything “Purple” to make sure that breakout is permanent.

Fan reaction on Twitter:

Mariah. Looking good. Every video since “Loverboy” has to show off your body. You are proud of it. Heck, we are proud to be looking at it! We would have been even prouder to have seen Miguel in a tux and you in an elegant dress ala “It’s Like That” but for the entire video. Do you remember your video’s before “Honey” and how they looked? We do.

“Beautiful” is an amazing song and a great vehicle for Miguel’s career, more-so than that awesome ride in the video. I hope it rocks the charts.

Perhaps, after “American Idol” is over, you and Miguel can reshoot the video and give the song what it deserves….which is a video NOT like that.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Like that girl at the mall, it looked good from far but the closer she got, the more she was far from good.



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  • Suzy Six
    Posted at 19:19h, 15 May

    Serious overkill on Mariah’s part. ENUFF! Save the posing 4 those fluffy girls that CANT sing!

  • Huh
    Posted at 11:31h, 14 May

    You do realize that people say “I would die” or “I would cry” in their songs. So I guess people should act out their death in the video because it was in the lyrics? Smart logic there. Miguel is being compared to Prince. A lot. Not just because of his height (4’11) This is not the first time. Miguel may be a star but he is not elite yet, like the doc said. He is opening up for people still. If he was as big as you say he is, he wouldn’t need to do that. He has to stop emulating him. Just my opinion, although I think the Doc’s opinion is more of a fact because that video straight sucks monkey balls!

  • AngeliqueSou;
    Posted at 19:55h, 13 May

    U do realize the song’s lyrics say “Hop on the back of my bike.” So wouldn’t make sense for Miguel to be riding on a motorcycle as Mariah hops on the back of it? What was Miguel suppose to? It’s written into the lyrics. This has nothing do with Prince. I don’t Miguel is trying to bite off of Prince. There a million music videos where the girl hops on the back of her boyfriend’s bike. Miguel has even said he feels embarrassed for Prince because Prince is extremely talented and feels he shouldn’t be compared to such an iconic musician. Can’t Miguel just be trying to be who he is. He’s finding himself as an artist and is already recognized as a star. Kaleidoscope Dream has taken him farther then his other album and collaborations have. Just my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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