R.I.P. Army Archerd

Gossip columnist Army Archerd has passed away at the age of 87. He worked for a half-century for Variety.

Archerd broke the story in 1985 of Rock Hudson having AIDS and was a huge turning point of the disease being made more public than before. He would also be a face that most celebs would be welcome with on Oscar night.

You will be missed Mr. Archerd by myself and other celeb reporters and gossip columnists.-Dr.FB


This N That

First, for those who celebrate holidays,  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

I spent it very sick and had a turkey sandwhich and watched the Cowboys game. 

Speaking of very sick, I have been sick a lot lately...like all the time.  So this weekend had more to do with me resting instead of posting then any news happening.  It was time to kind of slow my role.

I work hard at the site (I refuse to call it a blog cuz I hate that word) but it is not my full time job, even though a celeb news site, is a full time job in itself.  It took years for the big name celeb sites to take off and I know for a site like this not being around even a year to even be compared to those other sites at all is very cool.  It takes a lot of work and I am still going to be doing that, but in moderation.

Just give me a few days and the stories will be coming back in with regularity and there will be a few changes here n there with this n that.

I want to thank you all so much for coming here every day n thru the day.  It does mean a lot to me and I hope you like the new changes that will be coming your way.-Dr.FB