Will.I.Am. Shows Off New iPhone Camera On Chelsea Lately

Wil.I.Am & Chelsea Handler Screen Capture: MrWorldPremiere.Net

Chelsea Handler had Will.I.Am on "Chelsea Lately" where Will showed off his new iPhone camera made of faux gold.

The contraption is kind of neat with different lenses that can be used. The camera is made by Will's own company entitled "Iam+" and also increases the camera's pixels from 8 megapixels to 14 megapixels.

Will.I.Am seemed uncomfortable at times. He also has seemed to me to be socially awkward and more comfortable on stage. It could also be that over the years Chelsea has made fun of him constantly and calling him a real "douchebag" and perhaps Wil was on as a favor to Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas whom she is close to.

It is obvious to me that Chelsea is not the biggest fan of Will's but was impressed with his use of technology and that he plans to go back to school this fall to learn more about technology.

I would usually criticize Chelsea for being hypocritical of Will and then having him on the show and not bringing up the stuff she has said about him. Curious if she will diss him anymore or if she has changed her tune.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Ima B wanting that device with they make it for the Samsung SIII


Video:Dave Grohl Shows How He Warms Up To Guest Host “Chelsea Lately”

Someone needs to get Dave Grohl his own talk show big time. He guest hosted "Chelsea Lately" last night for Chelsea Handler and had one of the funniest openings on Chelsea in quite some time.

From the Kardashian Armenian deli comment to Kevin Jonas to Justin Bieber to Jessica Simpson, it was comedy gold. All while rocking out on guitar, playing drums, smashing a guitar and playing with Chuy.

Check out the clip above if you like to laugh and rock.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Bad Ass Mother....what? Just talking bout Grohl!


Marion Cotillard Has Legs & Shows Them On Chelsea Lately

The sexy bombshell and Oscar Winner Marion Cotillard took to Chelsea Handler to talk her new movie "Rust & Bone" and about dolphins and wales.

Marion was looking beautiful as always and we thank her for showing quite a lot of leg.

What we are NOT thankful for is how amazing she looked walking to her seat AND how short the interview clip provided by Chelsea Lately was. They used to provide full clips but cannot even do that now. If we do it, we get slapped by Youtube for posting copyrighted material.

So, I apologize for the soundbite of a clip. Chelsea rarely has repeats so if you missed this show, you will miss the whole interview. She works incredibly hard. It is too bad whomever is running her youtube account cannot work as hard and post the ENTIRE clip to help promote the show.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Love Marion. Chelsea's Youtube channel? Not so much...


Video:Chelsea Handler Shows Off Her Rack In Shower Scene With Sandra Bullock

From Cameron Diaz and Gweneth Paltrow rapping about her new stage, and Jennifer Aniston giving Chelsea the exclusive on her engagement, Chelsea Handler topped it will getting naked in the shower with Sandra Bullock.

The late night hostess with the mostess and moistness jumped in the shower with Sandra Bullock showing she has quite the rack in the process.

Since the video automatically starts, we ask you to click on the continue reading button and know although covered, it is NSFW!!


Chelsea Handler Takes A Ride On Rick Ross…Says It Is An “Upgrade” Over 50 Cent

We wish that E! would post the whole Rick Ross Chelsea Lately interview but days later, we still only have the preview clip where Chelsea Handler straight up takes a ride on the Rick Ross train.

Handler confirms what we already know about her which is that she loves "big, black men" and talks again about her hook-up with 50 Cent and that hooking up with Rick Ross is an upgrade.

What else was discussed on the interview was not so much his new CD "God Forgives, I don't" was how his beard provides a cushion for a face ride. Ahem. All right there Chelsea.

So if you had a choice, would you choose Rick Ross OR 50 Cent?-DocFB


Kylie Minogue Talks Anti-Tour, Forgetting Lyrics & Never Getting Married

Kylie Minogue was on Chelsea Lately talking about her last tour, "The Anti-Tour", which Chelsea thought Kylie was still on. A crack research team.

She also talked about how she never thought of seeing herself married, even with her long-time boyfriend.

She also touched on how she keeps her show fresh by forgetting lyrics, and doing a tour without any hits.-DocFB


Mary J. Blige Talks About Tom Cruise Making Her Nervous & Hanging In Strip Clubs

Mary J. Blige talks "Rock Of Ages" and strip clubs with Chelsea Handler. She talks about being so nervous, she needed an acting coach before working with Tom Cruise.

It is hard to imagine Mary feeling so awkward, but she was. The conversation quickly turned into strip clubs with Chelsea asking if Blige ever stripped in real life. Hmm. It seems that she has...at least privately.

She also researched her role by going to strip clubs. I know a friend who would LOVE that job. Ahem.

Check out the interview with Mary. Will you be seeing "Rock Of Ages" this weekend?-DocFB